Dr. Martin Kreller

Head Targetry, Target Chemistry and Radiopharmacy
Phone: +49 351 260 4029

Marita Kersten

Secretariat / Administration
Institute of Radio­pharma­ceutical Cancer Research
Phone: +49 351 260 3223


The main focus of the department is the production of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis of oncologic and neurologic diseases as well as for cognitive disorders by means of PET. The preferred radioisotopes used are [18F]fluorine (T1/2= 109.8 min) and [11C]carbon (T1/2 = 20.4 min). The production of PET radiopharmaceuticals is characterized by Radiolabeling and dispensing of PET radiopharmaceuticals under clean room conditions including the Quality control and release for clinical application.

As all other drugs for human application the production of PET radiopharmaceuticals has to be performed according the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in compliance with national regulations and principles (Arzneimittelgesetz AMG, Arzneimittelwirkstoffherstellungs-verordnung AMWHV). Therefore, HZDR is holding a GMP certificate and a license for manufacturing of drugs (Allgemeine Herstellungserlaubnis nach §13 AMG).

Radionuclide production

The department operates an accelerator for the production of radionuclides for research and development at the institute, for the radiopharmacy and for external partners. In addition to the routine production of 18F and 11C for radiopharmacy, the radioisotopes 64Cu, 133La, 131Ba and 197mHg are regularly provided for radiochemistry and preclinical research. The development of new processes for target preparation, target preparation and radiochemical characterisation for radionuclides such as the therapy nuclide 67Cu is the focus of the Ion Induced Nuclear Reactions group.