Abteilung Technologie und Werkstatt - FWFT

The Department of Mechanical Technology produces equipment and mechanical systems, developed and projected by the Department of Mechanical Development. In addition, the department supports all institutes in the production of special components according to the requirements of developers and technicians from the various institutes.
The main technologies are metal cutting, welding and metal processing. Furthermore, this department has many contacts with industrial cooperation partners for the use of other technologies. For short-term execution of orders metal and semi-finished plastic parts as well as standard parts  are available in the metal stock.


Riedel, Thomas, Head

Boden, Frank, Manufacturing Engineer

Boden, Philipp, Technician

Färber, Jens, Technician

Gneuß, Johann, Technician

Herklotz, René, Technician

Hoyer, Thomas, Technician

Klotsche, Gerd,Technician

Lösel, Holger, Technician

Petzold, Uwe, Technician

Pfützner, Siegfried, Technician

Philipp, David, Technician

Teich, Wolfgang, Technician

Fischer, Robert, Technician

Ufer, Erik, Technician

Ziegner, Florian, Technician


Thomas Riedel
Phone: +49 351 260 - 2984
Fax: 12984, 3110