Flomix - Test rig of EDO Gidropress

  • 1:5 scale model of a VVER-1000 metallic model (design of 5th unit of Novo-Voronezsh NPP),
  • a part of one cold leg with loop seal at RCP inlet is reproduced. The remaining three loops are reproduced schematically (by hydraulic resistance only) and connected to the common collector.
  • boron concentration difference is reproduced by the water temperature difference. Coolant in the reactor with initial boron concentration is modeled by hot water, diluted slug - by cold water.
  • Core model has 151 simulators of fuel assemblies having about the same hydraulic resistance as the actual fuel assemblies.
  • To study the coolant flow mixing the quick-respons thermocouples are installed at the core inlet (80 positions). The thermocouple time constant is about 0.2 s. 12 thermocouples are installed in lower part of downcomer along its circumference.
  • During the tests the parameters initial temperature of hot and cold water, water temperature at the lower part of downcomer, water temperature at the core inlet, flow rate at the model inlet, reversal flow in the idel loops are to be measured.