Vertical test sections

Vertical test sections
Vertical test sections
DN 200 und DN 50

The vertical test sections are a test rig of the TOPFLOW facility. They consist of tube segments of different lengths (between 0.25 and 4 m), which are screwed together by means of flange joints to an overall length of approx. 9 m. These flange joints, which were manufactured on the basic of DIN 2512, enable a precise vertical adjustment of the sections. Ridge profile seals coated with graphite are used as seals. The segments are manufactured in such a way that in TS 1 (DN 200) the instrumentation (wire mesh sensors) can be arranged in steps of 50 cm and in TS 2 (DN 50) in steps of 25 cm.

Additionally, for the connection of further sensors (e.g. pressure or temperature sensors), nozzles are welded at the segments in vertical steps of 50 cm (TS 1) and of 25 cm (TS 2). The tube segments are produced of stainless steel.

The vertical test sections enable a simultaneous two-phase flow of water and air or water and steam from the bottom to the top. The access to the sections is arranged in the pit of the experimental building. The injection of the gaseous phase into the test sections is carried out in the lowest tube section of TS1 and/or TS2 via a mixer with exchangeable injection devices. Different devices allow a variation of number and size of the injection nozzles. Therefore, different forms and sizes of steam and gas bubbles can be produced.

Tube segments of the vertical test sections
Tube segments
of the vertical test sections