Compressed air system

This system is used for the supply of compressed air for test section experiments with air/water mixtures and for the installation of the initial pressure in the electrical steam generator circuit during the starting up phase of the test facility for steam experiments. The compressed air is taken from the FZD net, which provides filtered and dry air with a pressure in the range between 0.6 and 0.7 MPa.


To guarantee the adjustment of a wide volume flow rate range between 0.08 l/min to 900 m³/h (normative condition) with the necessary error tolerance (< 1 %), the air supply is built up six fold. Every single strand consists of a gas flow controller and a three-way valve, which the gas flow controllers shut off separately in their inactive state and derive possible leakages into the experimental hall.

After the three-way valves, twice three strands are combined to two collecting lines and connected with the vertical test sections by means of flexible pressure hoses. From every line, air can be blown into every test section. To protect the gas flow controllers against ingress of water from the test sections, both lines are equipped with magnetic valves.