Seminare am Institut für Strahlenphysik

Seminare im Jahr 2006


07. Dezember 2006 M. Marta Measurement of beam heating effect in a gas through Rutherford scattering INFN Padova, Italy
30. November 2006 Dr. D. Gupta
Study of Reactions Induced by Radioactive Beams Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata, India
29. November 2006 Dr. D. Bemmerer Nucleosynthesis studied underground at Gran Sasso, Italy INFN Padova, Italy, TU Berlin, FZD
06. November 2006 Dr.  P. Finocchiaro Single photon sensor arrays and micro-optics INFN Catania, LNS, Italy
19. Oktober 2006 Prof.  H. Wolter The isovector equation of state Ludwigs-Maximilian Univ. München
28. Juli 2006 Dr. E. Litvinova Covariant theory of particle vibrational coupling and its application to exotic nuclei Physics and Power Engineering Institute, Obninsk and Tech. Univ. München
26. Juni 2006 Prof. Dr. I. Mazumdar Shape transitions in hot nuclei Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India
12. Juni 2006 Dr. G. Schrieder Experimente zur Polarisierbarkeit des Nukleons und zum Protonenradius am S-Dalinac Techn. Univ. Darmstadt
08. Mai 2006 Prof. Dr.  N. Lo Iudice New collective phenomena in spherical and deformed rotating nuclei INFN Napoli, Italy
27. März 2006 Prof. Dr. H. Weidenmüller Random matrices and chaos in quantum many-body systems MPI für Kernphysik, Heidelberg
30. Januar 2006 Dr. P. Achenbach Ein neuer Messplatz für die Kaonen- und Hyperkernproduktion an MAMI Univ. Mainz
16. Januar 2006 Dr. R. Molina Quantum chaos and 1/f noise MPIPKS, Dresden and Univ. Complutense de Madrid
*findet an der TU Dresden statt