Determination of radioactivity

gamma spectra
Image: spectrum deconvolution of a 50-mg sample
of a concrete settling tank for radioactive waste

The measurement of alpha-, beta- and gamma-emitting nuclides at low-level range is required to determine the natural radioactivity in rocks, soil or water samples, the radioactive contamination in environmental samples (See right) or for clearance measurement during decommissioning of nuclear installations.
The following devices are available:

  • Alpha-Spectrometry
    Grid ionization chamber: GIK 800 (MAB) , thin layers up to 314 cm²
    Semiconduction detector: PIPS: PH 450-21-100AM or A 1200-30AM (Canberra), thin layers 4,5 or 12 cm²

  • Alpha- and Beta-Spectrometry
    Liquid scintillation spectrometer(LS): 1414 WIN Spectral Low-Level A/B, (Perkin Elmer Wallac GmbH), separate alpha- and beta-determination

  • Gamma-Spectrometry
    High-purity germanium detector: EGM 2000-20-R, (Eurisys), Gamma activity of multi-element spectra


Determination of radionuclides in multi-element spectra with spectra unfolding:

  • Alpha-spectroscopic analysis of liquids, colloids, suspensions and solids
  • Beta-spectroscopic analysis of liquids, colloids and suspensions
  • Gamma-spectroscopic analysis of liquids, colloids, suspensions and solids


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