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International Workshop on Infrared Microscopy and Spectroscopy
with Accelerator Based Sources

Manfred Helm, ELBE
Yves-Laurent Mathis, ANKA
Ulrich Schade, BESSY

Scope of the Workshop:
This workshop continues the WIRMS series of meetings following the highly successful workshops at Porquerolles in 2001 and Lake Tahoe in 2003.

Program fields for WIRMS 2005:
Infrared spectroscopy - from solid state to biological substances and gas phase
Infrared microscopy and imaging Near field microscopy, spectroscopy and imaging Time-resolved spectroscopy Coherent synchrotron radiation as a powerful IR source Advances in edge radiation sources Other new developments on FEL's and synchrotrons relevant for the IR and THz regions Facility news & updates

The scope of this workshop is to bring together SR & FEL scientists and synchrotron-IR & FEL-IR users to discuss the trends in these fields, and to promote even more promising applications.