Theory of electromagnetic processes

The theory group deals with electromagnetic processes in strongly interacting systems. Among the topics are
- one-boson-exchange model for the reaction pp ppg 1 GeV region,
- dileptons (dielectrons and dimuons) in relativistic heavy-ion collisions: thermal dileptons from a hot hadron gas and quark-gluon plasma, Drell-Yan process, correlated semi-leptonic decays of open charme mesons
- angular distribution of dielectrons from phi decays
- Couloms effects on the charged particle spectra, including two-body observables, in medium and high-energy heavy-ion collsions.
- future plans: with respect to our experimental activities within the  HADES project we plan to deal with the dielectron emission from an excited nuclear medium. In a first step a fire ball model will be employed to elucidate the expected change of the dielectron spectrum due to in-medium modifications of the vector mesons. In a later stage the more sophisticated transport model (presently employed for interpreting the strangeness dynamics in heavy-ion collisions) is to be used for detailed analyses of experimental data.

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