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Focused Ion Beams

Focused ion beams (FIB) are promising tools in micro- and nanotechnology as well as in material analytics. sind ein sehr nützliches Werkzeug in der Mikro- und Nanotechnologie sowie in der Analytik. Characteristic properties are the Nanometer spot size, the energy range from some eV up to 200 keV, the high current density and a broad spectrum of ion species. In commercial FIB systems Ga liquid metal ion sources (LMIS) are usually employed, but in some rare cases also liquid metal alloy ion sources (LMAIS) are used. FIB systems allow to create structures of arbitrary shape with dimensions on the nm scale.

Flüssigmetall Ionenquelle Massenspektren einer GaBi Legierungs- Flüssigmetallionenquelle als Funktion des Ionenemissionsstromes
Fig. 1: Glowing LMAIS during the wetting process Fig. 2: Mass spectra of emitted ions from a Gallium-Bismuth ion source



  • Carl Zeiss NVision 40 CrossBeam Ga-FIB for standard applications like ion beam lithography or TEM lamella preparation
  • two Orsay Physics CANION Z31Mplus mass-separated FIBs (semi-commercial), which can provide various ion species using in-house developed ion sources, for dedicated research Topics
  • Carl Zeiss ORION NanoFab Helium Ion Microscope He/Ne-FIB

FIB cut into CPU

Eye of a fruit fly

Fig. 3: FIB cut into a processor

Fig. 4: Eye of a fruit fly

Current projects

Development of LMAIS for nano- and quantumtechnology (11/2017 – 12/2019)

Funding: ZF4330902 DF7 

Raith develops lithography systems for the structuring and manufacturing of next-generation quantum and nanotechnology devices. The Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf develops novel ion sources for use in research and development. In the proposed project, both systems will be integrated into a novel, industrially usable ion beam lithography system for structuring the components of the next quantum and nano technology generation. The aim of the project is the development of an ion beam lithography system unique in its architecture, software and performance, which can address new applications in nano and quantum technology thanks to specific alloy ion sources. In terms of plant engineering, the development is based on Raith's existing know-how of the ionLINE PLUS system. On the material side, the alloys AuGeSi, AuSiCr, AuBGeNi and GaBiLi will be investigated by the HZDR with regard to their specifics with regard to their use in the new ion beam lithography system to be developed. The spectrum of the investigated materials results from the application scenarios to be covered by the new FIB system.

Recent publications


Transmission Helium Ion Microscopy using sub-50 keV He+: Images and scattered intensity patterns from crystalline materials
M. Mousley, S. Eswara, O. de Castro, O. Bouton, N. KlingnerORC, C. T. Koch, G. Hlawacek, T. Wirtz

Lithium Ion Beams from Liquid Metal Alloy Ion Sources
W. Pilz, P. Mazarov, N. Klingner, S. Bauerdick, L. Bischoff


Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry in the helium ion microscope
N. KlingnerORC, R. Heller, G. HlawacekORC, S. FacskoORC, J. von Borany


  • Secondary publication expected from 24.12.2019


Review Article: Review of electrohydrodynamical ion sources and their applications to focused ion beam technology
J. Gierak, P. Mazarov, L. Bruchhaus, R. Jede, L. Bischoff


Electronic-skin compasses for geomagnetic field driven artificial magnetoception and interactive electronics
G. S. Cañón Bermúdez, H. Fuchs, L. Bischoff, J. Fassbender, D. Makarov


Site-controlled formation of single Si nanocrystals in a buried SiO₂ matrix using ion beam mixing
X. Xu, T. Prüfer, D. Wolf, H.-J. Engelmann, L. Bischoff, R. Hübner, K.-H. Heinig, W. Möller, S. Facsko, J. von Borany, G. Hlawacek

Modelling of focused ion beam induced increases in sample temperature: a case study of heat damage in biological samples
A. WolffORC, N. KlingnerORC, W. Thompson, Y. Zhou, J. Lin, Y. Y. Peng, J. A. M. Ramshaw, Y. Xiao

Swift heavy ion shaping of oxide-structures at (sub)-micrometer scales
R. Ferhati, S. Amirthapandian, M. Fritzsche, L. Bischoff, W. Bolse


  • Secondary publication expected

Magnetosensitive e-skins with directional perception for augmented reality
G. S. Cañón Bermúdez, D. D. Karnaushenko, D. Karnaushenko, A. Lebanov, L. Bischoff, M. Kaltenbrunner, J. Fassbender, O. G. Schmidt, D. Makarov

Enhancements in full-field PIXE imaging - large area elemental mapping with increased lateral resolution devoid of optics artefacts
J. BuchrieglerORC, N. KlingnerORC, D. Hanf, F. Munnik, S. H. NowakORC, O. Scharf, R. Ziegenrücker, A. D. Renno, J. von Borany

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Dr. Lothar Bischoff
Phone: +49 351 260 2866
+49 351 260 2963

Dr. Nico Klingner
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