Institutsseminare und Kolloquien im Jahr 2013

Datum Referent Titel Institution
17.12.2013 Prof. Toshinori Yabuuchi Interactions of laser-produced energetic particles with matter Osaka University
06.12.2013 Franziska Reimann Project Overview WAKOMP Universität Rostock
15.11.2013 S. Naknaimueang Studies of bunch length and charge for the planned THz source, FLUTE KIT
08.11.2013 Dr. Niels Neumann BMBF Project: INsel – Development of an on-chip GHz/THz spectrometer TU Dresden
05.11.2013 Shuan Zhao Ion acceleration enhanced by nearcritical plasma Peking Univ.
28.10.2013 Aleksandar Angelovski Planar Pickup Design for the EBPM at FLASH and European XFEL TU Darmstadt
17.10.2013 Dr. Joszef Fülöp THz activities at ELI-ALPS University of Pécs, Hungary
10.09.2013 Kazuo Tanaka High Power Lasers at the SACLA XFEL in Japan: Overview of the HERMES (High Energy density Revolution of Matter in Extreme States) project Osaka University
04.09.2013 Dr. Markus Roth The Pulse of the Sun and the Stars: Probing solar and stellar interiors by helio- and asteroseismology Kiepenheuer-Institut für Sonnenphysik
30.08.2013 Dennis R. Schaart Prospects for improving timing resolution in scintillation-based gamma ray detectors for TOF-PET and other applications Delft University of Technology
20.08.2013 Dr. Toma Toncian Investigations of laser pulse interactions with solids at relativistic intensities Univ. Düsseldorf
19.08.2013 Dr. H. Otsu Experiments at RIKEN-RIBF RIKEN
12.08.2013 Prof. Dr. Markus Roth Breaking the 100 MeV Energy threshold for laser driven protons and the application as an intense neutron source TU Darmstadt
04.07.2013 Dr. Sascha Vogel The Helmholtz Graduate School for Hadron and Ion Research "HGS-HIRe for FAIR" Univ. Frankfurt
26.06.2013 Dr. Caterina Michelagnoli Measurement of the Astrophysically Important Lifetime of the 6.79 MeV Level in O-15 by the Doppler Shift Attenuation Method at the AGATA Demonstrator INFN
21.06.2013 Ashutosh Shrama Ultraintense Laser-Plasma Interaction: Theoretical and Numerical Modeling ELI Pecs
23.04.2013 Dr. Jorge Vieira Full scale simulations of next generation laser and particle beam driven plasma accelerators Instituto Superior Tecnico - Portugal and Max Planck Institute for Physics - Munich
22.03.2013 Nikola Stojanovic THz sources at FLASH DESY
22.03.2013 Stefan Müller A test of Lorentz invariance in the weak decay of polarized 20Na atoms KVI Groningen
25.03.2013 László Oláh Muon Flux Measured in the Felsenkeller by the Regard Muon Tomograph Eötvös University and Wigner RCP of HAS, Budapest
21.03.2013 Dr. Jong Woon Kim Nuclear Data activities at KAERI Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
20.03.2013 Stefan Kaiser Transient Superconductivity in optically modulated YBa2Cu3O6+x MPSD-CFEL, Universität Hamburg
01.03.2013 Prof. Hideaki Takabe Laboratory Astrophysics with Intense lasers, Present and Future Osaka Univ.
15.02.2013 Philip Woods Advances in Explosive Nuclear Astrophysics   The University of Edinburgh
08.01.2013 Dr. Tamás Szücs KADoNiS: The astrophysical p-process database ATOMKI Debrecen