Theory - Topics for PhD / Diploma Theses

1. hot and dense QCD: thermofield theory, quasi-particle model, equation of state, susceptibilities, quark-gluon plasma, deconfinement, critical phenomena

2. QCD sum rules: hadrons in strongly interacting matter - vector mesons, strange baryons, charm mesons

3. Kinetic (transport) models for heavy-ion collisions: BUU, kaons, di-electrons, HADES experiments

4. phenomenological models for hadron production: one-meson exchange model, effective theories, phi, omega, rho, eta, eta-prime, form factors

5. Ads/CFT approach to strongly coupled systems

6. Interaction of intense laser beams with matter: non-linear phenomena, birefringence, Schwinger effects, Unruh effects, higher order Compton (Thomson) effect