Flash Lamp Annealing

Flash lamp annealing allows a fast heating up of solid surfaces with a single light flash between some hundred microseconds and some milliseconds. Thereby, the achievable final temperature of the layer could be more than 2000 °C depending on the intensity of the light flash and on the optical properties of the flash lamp annealed material. With the flash lamp equipment an unique technique was developed and utilized in the framework of an EU project which allows the specific thermal modification of surface layers with or without a reduced thermal exposure of the whole solid body.

Main technical parameters

Preheating system Flash lamp
  • electrical power 16 kW
  • maximum temperature 1100°C
  • temperature measurement by pyrometer
  • temperature control
  • pulse length t: 130µs < t < 20 ms
  • maximum electrical energy (t = 20 ms):250 kJ
  • maximum electrical power (t = 20 ms): 12.5 MW


  • activation of dopants and defect annealing in semiconductor surface layers (e.g. shallow junction in Silicon)
  • thermal treatment of transparent conducting oxide layers like ZnO or ITO on different substrates
  • thermal treatment of Si or Ge layers on different substrates
  • 3C-SiC/Si multi layers systems


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