Library Opening Hours

Loans and Services     Monday - Friday        8:00 - 16:00    

Reading Rooms

- Internal user     all days     8:00 - 22:00
- External user     Monday - Friday       8:00 - 16:00

Library Team

Head of Library, Library system, Subject indexing Reschke, Edith
Acquisition and Cataloging Schindler, Romy
Standards (Aquisition) Redel, Wenke
Serials, Loose-leaf publications Edelhäuser, Isabell
Local Loan Hänel, Elke
Inter-Library Loan Hänel, Elke
Document supply Redel, Wenke
Publication database, Database-Researches Henrion, Kerstin
HZDR Institute Archive Hänel, Elke
Library-IT,  Print- and Binding Service, Art Fonds Müller, Sara