• security service (object security, reception, patrol duty, road safety, and investigation service)
  • execution of stop measures and diversion measures
  • operation of the alarm control office of the Rossendorf campus: In the control room all existing signals of the alarm systems and the access control systems of the campus (e. g.: fire detectors, intrusion detectors, operational parameters of technical systems, and others) are supervised. If necessary, the security service immediately takes measures to limit the damage.
  • participation in the emergency response organisation of the Rossendorf campus
  • issuing and administration of identity cards and locking devices (keys, transponder, profiles for access)

A private security company, which is instructed by the department FKTZ, carries out most of the security tasks.

Despite all required security measures, the Rossendorf campus is freely accessible for scientists from Germany and abroad, groups of visitors as well as all other guests. In addition, the HZDR is a big client for regional companies.

Alarm control office of the Rossendorf campus

View of the central alarm control office of the Rossendorf campus, which supervises the alarm systems. In case of alarm signals, appropriate measures are taken.