Seminare und Kolloquia im Jahr 2008

10. Oktober 2008 Dr. Jing Zhao Tabletop x-ray lasers Chinese Academy of Science
8. Oktober  2008 Prof. Dr. Rick Casten Nuclear Structure: Many body aspects and the nuclear shell structure Yale University
  Prof. Dr. Rick Casten Nuclear Structure: Geometrical properties of nuclei and symmetry considerations Yale University
1. Oktober 2008 Prof. Dr. Alexander Weiss Positron Annihilation Induced Auger and Gamma Spectroscopy University of Texas, Arlington, USA
26. September 2008 Prof. Dr. Peter von Neumann-Cosel The role of nuclear structure in nuclear astrophysics - some examples from electron scattering TU Darmstadt
8. September 2008 Ayano Makinaga Photon-neutron measurement of Se-80, La-139: implications for the nucleosynthesis Konan University, Japan
5. September 2008 Prof. Munshi G. Mustafa Radiation of electromagnetically and strongly interacting plasmas Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Calcutta, India
3. September 2008 Prof. Ushasi Datta Pramanik Exotic features of nuclei with large neutron and proton asymmetry and its impact on Nucleosynthesis Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Calcutta, India
21. August 2008 Prof. Dr. Stefan Frauendorf Interaction of nuclei with high intensity electromagnetic radiation - possibilities and restrictions at DRACO FZD and University Notre Dame
20. August 2008 Dr. Ronald Schwengner Experiments on Nuclear Rotation FZD
11. August 2008 Dr. Shuangquan Zhang Instantaneous shape sampling for calculation of the electromagnetic dipole strength University of Peking. China
5. August 2008 Antonio Caciolli Ultra-sensitive in-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy deep underground INFN and University of Padua, Italy
21. Juli 2008 György Gyürky Cross section measurements for the astrophysical p-process ATOMKI, Debrecen, Hungary
10. Juli 2008 Dr. Zsolt Fülöp Nuclear Physics activities at ATOMKI ATOMKI, Debrecen, Hungary
1. Juli 2008 Prof. Dr. Jacek Borysow Raman spectrometer for monitoring isotope exchange reactions and energy transfer in low temperature plasmas Michigan Techn. University Houghton
16. Juni 2008 Prof. Dr. Julien Fuchs Laser pump-probe experiment at LULI with proton heating École Polytechnique
11. Juni 2008 Dr. Gencho J. Rusev Physics with HIgS Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
9. Juni 2008 Dr. Diego Gonzalez-Diaz Can a gaseous timing detector stand high particle rates? GSI Darmstadt
4. Juni 2008 Prof. Dr. Stefan Frauendorf Lecture Series on Nuclear Physics, Part 4
"Exotic modes of rotation"
FZD und Notre Dame University, USA
3. Juni 2008 Dr. Thomas Bürvenich Nuclei and exotic atoms in superintense laser fields Goethe University Frankfurt
2. Juni 2008 Prof. Dr. Ulrike Thoma Baryon Spectroscopy - Recent results from the Crystal Barrel Experiment at ELSA University Bonn
28. Mai 2008 Prof. Dr. Stefan Frauendorf Lecture Series on Nuclear Physics FZD und Notre Dame University, USA
13. Mai 2008 Dr. Jan Kvasil General self-consistent method for the construction of separable residual interaction - application for Skyrme functional Charles University Prague, Czech Republic
9. Mai 2008 Prof. Dr. David Blaschke Vacuum pion pair creation by optical laser colliders Wroclaw University, Poland
8. Mai 2008 Prof. Gary Mitchell Neutron Capture Measurements with the DANCE Array North Carolina State University, USA
7. Mai 2008 Dr. Elena Litvinova Relativistic quasiparticle time blocking  approximation: dipole response of open-shell nuclei GSI Darmstadt
30. April 2008 Prof. Dr. Stefan Frauendorf Quantal Rotation: Molecular view on nuclei FZD und Notre Dame University, USA
24. April 2008 Prof. Dr. Stefan Frauendorf Quantal Rotation FZD und Notre Dame University, USA
23. April 2008


Dr. S. Skupin Simulationen von Laser-Teilchen-Beschleunigung (Planungen) MPI KS
10. April 2008 Prof. Dr. Anatoly Ignatyuk Nuclear data needs for transmutation of nuclear waste IPPE Obninsk, Russia
4. April 2008 Dr. Büchner (FWFE)
Dr. Büttig (FWKE)
Dr. Staats (FWKE)
Testmessungen am ELBE-Koppler FZD
3. April 2008 Mathias Kempe,
Ralph Massarczyk
Ein berührungsloser Richtungssensor für Aktivierungsexperimente an ELBE TU Dresden, FZD
2. April 2008 Prof. Dr. H. Wolter Compound nuclear reactions, Part 2 TU München
22. Februar 2008 Prof. Dr. H. Wolter Streuung und Reaktionen von Kernen
(Vorlesung über Physik der Kerne)
TU München
25. Januar 2008 Prof. Dr. Achim Richter Nuclear Structure in Astrophysics - Recent Examples from the S-DALINAC TU Darmstadt
16. Januar 2008 Dr. Marita Mosconi Measurements of neutron cross sections for stellar nucleosynthesis at FZK and n_TOF Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
14. Januar 2008 Dr. Jennifer Rassuchine Enhanced Hot Electron Confinement and Isochoric Heating in High Contrast Ultra-Intense Laser Produced Plasmas via Novel Conical Micro-Target Design University of Nevada, USA