Work in Progress 2013

Die Seminarreihe "Work in Progress" (WIP) findet Freitag alle 2 -3 Wochen von 9:15 - 10:15 Uhr im Institut für Strahlenphysik, Gebäude 620 im Kleinen Hörsaal (Raum 018) statt.

Datum Referent Titel
06.12.2013 Franziska Reimann (Univ. Rostock) Project Overview WAKOMP
29.11.2013 Axel Hübl + Richard Pausch PIConGPU - The World's Fastest Particle-in-Cell Plasma Simulation
15.11.2013 S. Naknaimueang (KIT) Studies of bunch length and charge for the planned THz source, FLUTE
08.11.2013 Dr. Niels Neumann (TU Dresden) BMBF Project: INsel – Development of an on-chip GHz/THz spectrometer
18.10.2013 Jens Steiner IT-Schulung
11.10.2013 Hannes Vennekate, Pengnan Lu Emittance Measurement and Compensation for an SRF Photo Injector
20.09.2013 Michael Gensch Upcoming First TELBE Commissioning Beam Time
16.08.2013 Robert John Neutron-capture experiment on 77Se with the EXOGAM array at the reactor of ILL Grenoble
14.06.2013 Alejandro Laso Garcia High-Rate Timing Ceramic Resistive Plate Chambers under Particle and Laser Beam Exposure
17.05.2013 Ronald Schwengner Dipole strength in 86Kr and the s-process branching at 85Kr
12.04.2013 Michael Gensch First TELBE MD shifts: opportunities and challenges
21.02.2013 Michael Gensch TELBE: Organization, Status, Challenges and opportunities
08.02.2013 Thomas Cowan Helmholtz International Beamline at XFEL