Recent Publications by FWIH


L. Balaghi, G. Bussone, R. Grifone, R. Hübner, J. Grenzer, M. Ghorbani-Asl, A.V. Krasheninnikov, H. Schneider, M. Helm, E. Dimakis
Widely tunable GaAs band gap via strain engineering in core/shell nanowires
Nature Communications 10, 2793 (2019)

D. B. But, M. Mittendorff, C. Consejo, F. Teppe, N. N. Mikhailov, S. A. Dvoretskii, C. Faugeras, S. Winnerl, M. Helm, W. Knap, M. Potemski, and M. Orlita
Suppressed Auger scattering and tunable light emission of Landau-quantized massless Kane electrons
Nature Photonics 13, (2019)

I. Fotev, L. Balaghi, J. Schmidt, H. Schneider, M. Helm, E. Dimakis, and A. Pashkin
Electron dynamics in InxGa1-xAs shells around GaAs nanowires probed by terahertz spectroscopy
Nanotechnology 30, 244004 (2019)

X.-P. Huang, K. Chen, M.-X. Qi, P.-F. Zhang, Y. Li, S. Winnerl, H. Schneider, Y. Yang, and S. Zhang
Plasmonic Field Guided Patterning of Ordered Colloidal Nanostructures
Nanophotonics 8, 505 (2019)

M. M. Jadidi, K. M. Daniels, R. L. Myers-Ward, D. K. Gaskill, J. C. König-Otto, S. Winnerl, A. B. Sushkov, H. D. Drew, T. E. Murphy, and M. Mittendorff
Optical Control of Plasmonic Hot Carriers in Graphene
ACS Photonics 6, 302 (2019)

D. Lang, L. Balaghi, S. Winnerl, H. Schneider, R. Hübner, S. C. Kehr, L. M. Eng, M. Helm, E. Dimakis, and A. Pashkin,
Nonlinear plasmonic response of doped nanowires observed by infrared nanospectroscopy
Nanotechnology 30, 084003 (2019)

C. Li, V. Gusev, E. Dimakis, T. Dekorsy, and M. Hettich
Broadband Photo-Excited Coherent Acoustic Frequency Combs and Mini-Brillouin-Zone Modes in a MQW-SESAM Structure
Appl. Sci. 9, 289 (2019)

R. Rana, J. M. Klopf, J. Grenzer, H. Schneider, M. Helm, and A. Pashkin
Nonthermal nature of photoinduced insulator-to-metal transition in NbO2
Phys. Rev. B 99 (Rapid Comm.), 041102(R) (2019)

A. Singh, M. Welsch, S. Winnerl, M. Helm, and H. Schneider
Improved electrode design for interdigitated large-area photoconductive terahertz emitters
Optics Express 27, 13108 (2019)

T. Venanzi, H. Arora, A. Erbe, A. Pashkin, S. Winnerl, M. Helm, and H. Schneider
Exciton localization in MoSe2 monolayers induced by adsorbed gas molecules
Appl. Phys. Lett. 114, 172106 (2019)

M. Xu, M.X. Li, X.F. Liu, K. Liu, G.H. Qu, V. Wang, L. Hu, and H. Schneider
Transient Characteristics of Interdigitated GaAs Photoconductive Semiconductor Switch at 1-kHz Excitation
IEEE Electron Dev. Lett. 40, 1136 (2019)

J. Zhu, Y. Xia, G. Li, S. Zhou, S. Wimmer, V. V. Volobuev, G. Springholz, A. Pashkin, M. Helm, and H. Schneider
Band gap, Urbach tail and electron-phonon interactions in topological insulator Bi3Se2 and band insulator (Bi0.89In0.11)2Se3
Appl. Phys. Lett. 114, 162105 (2019)