Below are some examples of major projects that were developed and built up with significant involvement of the Central Department of Research Technology.

Superconducting linear accelerator at the radiation source ELBE

The radiation source ELBE has been built as the most important giant equipment at the institute of Radiation Physics of the HZDR . The first stage (pdf) was designed, projected and put into operation under the leadership of the Central Department of Research Technology. The focus areas in this process were the thermionic electron source (Gun) and the injector (pdf), the superconducting accelerating modules (pdf) , the beam control, the first FEL, a photo neutron target (pdf) as well as the control and communication system including the personal and machine safety system.  Moreover the Central Department of Research Technology is permanently involved in the extension and further developments.

Capacitor pulse equipment and electromagnetic pulse coils

For generating of high pulsed magnetic fields the Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory has built the most powerful pulse generating plant in the world. For this the Department of Research Technology had developed the pulsed discharge capacitor banks (pdf) as well as the electromagnetic high-field coils (pdf).

Liquid metal test facility LIMMCAST

The experimental station LIMMCAST (pdf) was built up at the Institute of Safety Research for the investigation and optimization of continuous casting. This facility was projected by the Central Department of Research Technology according to the specifications of the scientists. It was assembled together with industry partners and put into operation.

Rossendorf - Beamline at the ESRF

At the European Synchrotron Radiation Source (ESRF) in Grenoble / France the HZDR operates an own beamline with a radiochemistry and a materials research experimental station. The beamline (pdf) and both experimental stations (pdf) were implemented by the Central Department of Research Technology. Currently an upgrade of the X-ray optics is performed in collaboration with the department.

A variety of further interesting projects can be found on the following pages.