Division Head

Prof. Dr. Sibylle Gemming

Tel.: +49-351-260-2470
Email: s.gemming@hzdr.de

PD Dr. Artur Erbe (Deputy)

Tel.: +49-351-260-2366
Email: a.erbe@hzdr.de

Bachelor, Master, Diploma, and PhD Thesis [FWIO, short]

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Scaling Phenomena (Department FWIO)


The department focuses on the creation, characterization and modeling of nanostructures and nanostructured matter. Electron lithographic top-down techniques are employed to generate nano-scale functional elements with specific structural, mechanical, optical and transport phenomena that differ from the pure, extended bulk phase. In addition, specific and partially ion-beam-assisted techniques allow the self-organized, bottom-up formation of nanostructured composites and surface modifications. Methods from nanometrology provide quantitative access to the properties of the nanostructures and thus elucidate the physical origin of the differences in comparison with the macroscopic material properties. Modeling by multi-scale methods from density-functional theory up to continuum-mechanics approaches for larger length and time scales gives insight in the interactions that dominate phenomena at the nanoscale.

Research Topics:

Foto: BETty ©Copyright: HZDR

Trans­port phe­no­mena in nano­struc­tures

Foto: Nanocomposite Materials / Multifunctional oxides ©Copyright: Jens Zscharschuch

Nanocomposite Material­s / Multifunctional oxides

Foto: Cu Fermiology (6) ©Copyright: PD Dr. habil. Peter Zahn

Non-Equi­li­bri­um Ther­mo­dy­na­mics / Material­s Simulation

Foto: FWIO-T Nano-Fabrication Fig. 6b - MoS2 FET ©Copyright: Abdul Wajid Awan