In Situ Characterization

Plasma characterization methods

Langmuir Probe




Langmuir Probe (SmartProbe, Scientific Systems Ltd., USA)

Measurements of the time and spatial distributions of the plasma parameters:

electron and ion density
electron temperature
plasma potential
floating plasma potential

Triggering on the voltage pulses from the magnetron power supply to enable a time resolved scan across the voltage pulse. A spatial resolution of ~1mm is possible.



Optical emission spectrometry (OES, TRIAX 320, Jobin Yvon GmbH, Horiba Group)

In situ analysis of the optical spectrum emitted by the plasma discharge. The system is equipped with a Soller collimator preventing coverage of the focusing quartz lens by the growing film.

Spectral range: 250-800 nm
Average acquisition time of one spectrum: 100 ms.


Energy-resolved mass spectrometry (HIDEN EQP 300)

Differentially pumped mass spectrometer, measurements of mass spectra and energy distributions of neutral particles and ions (positive and negative) emitted from the magnetron surface and plasma.
Detection of the particles with mass up to 300 amu and energy up to 1 keV.




In situ thin film characterization methods


Spectroscopic ellipsometry (M-2000V, M-2000FI, J.A. Woollam Inc.)

Real-time analysis of the growing film properties

Monitoring of the film evolution during thermal treatment

Rotating compensator spectroscopic ellipsometers, fast measurement (typically 1-5 sec) of the complete spectrum of the ellipsometric parameters.

Spectral range:

M-2000V (QTH lamp): 1.24 - 3.3 eV

M-2000FI (Xe lamp): 0.73 - 5.9 eV


Four point probe

Four point probe resistivity measurements

A compact four point probe integrated with portable BN heater

Monitoring of electrical properties evolution during annealing of thin films

Combination with other in situ characterization methods is possible:

spectroscopic ellipsometry

synchrotron-based techniques like X-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy (XANES) and in situ X-ray diffraction

Contact: Dr. Vinnichenko, Mykola