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Video Clips and Animations

Diverse and fascinating research in video clips: On this page we offer a selection of videos and three-dimensional animations that give an insight into the research at HZDR.

All of our video clips can be downloaded, hyperlinked and used in accordance with our Terms of Use (German).

General Videos


HZDR Image Film: "Fascinating Research" (4:03 min.)

Excellent scientists and technicians. State-of-the-art, large-scale research facilities.The Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf is the place where cutting-edge research is conducted on a global scale.

In 2014 the film was awarded first prize in the "research & development" category at the 20th ITVA Awards.

(12/2012 | This film was produced in cooperation with AVANGA Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KG. Some animations were produced by Artificial Illusions Film OHG.)

Watch & download the film (32 MB)

"Repository Research at HZDR. Sophisticated and Necessary." (4:30 min.)

In this short film scientists at HZDR’s Institute of Resource Ecology present their work at our research sites in Dresden, Leipzig and Grenoble. For their investigations the researchers use modern spectroscopic methods in order to acquire an understanding of processes at molecular level. When analyzing rock formations they also use positron emission tomography as an imaging technique. This important fundamental research is thus generating robust data which should help experts and politicians to identify potential locations for nuclear waste repositories.

Two Gold Awards

At the World Media Festival in Hamburg (Germany) in Mai 2016, this HZDR film won an "interdedia-globe Gold" in the "Research and Science" category, and in April 2016 the Remi Award in Gold (category: Nuclear / Energy Issues) at the 49th WorldFest in Houston.

(07/2015 | This film was produced in cooperation with AVANGA Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KG)

Watch & download the film (49 MB)

Image Film of the State Ministry of Science and Art of the Free State of Saxony: "Research in Saxony" (2:47 min.)

Saxony has to offer one of the densest research landscapes in Germany. Several universities, scientific institutes and research centers help to create a future worth living in.

Image Campaign "Simply Saxony": Dr. Wolfgang Skorupa (German, 2:09 min.)

Materials scientist and organ player – our researcher Wolfgang Skorupa is a man of many talents. For the campaign "Simply Saxony" he was thus chosen to be portrayed as one of six persons with remarkable interests in Saxony. At HZDR's Ion Beam Center he is researching precious organ pipes to find out how they can be protected from corrosion. 

DocClip series: Our PhD students introduce themselves

About 150 PhD students from all around the world are researching at HZDR's eight institutes. In these short clips they introduce themselves and their research.
The DocClips were produced in cooperation with SCHEUFLER | FÖRSTER WISSENSKOMMUNIKATION. | Music by Frametraxx Gemafreie Musik.

Animations from the HZDR

These 3D animations give a unique perspective on how HZDR scientist investigate new approaches in the research sectors energy, health, and matter. Our movies explain for example cancer therapy with protons, phenomena of superconductivity, or interactions between flows of molten metal and electromagnetic fields.

Gamma Camera: Highly Complex Detectors for Use in Proton Therapy (2:48 min.)

Scientists at HZDR and colleagues at OncoRay develop a gamma camera to precisely monitor and control proton therapy for cancer treatment.

HZDR participated at "Fast Forward Science 2014" with this clip.

Watch & download the film (165 MB)

Ion Radiation Therapy (1:32 min.)

Modern radiation therapy with charged particles such as protons is very effective and can be used with high precision, including for tumors located deep inside the body.

Watch & download the film (6,6 MB)

Magnetohydrodynamics – Magnetic Fields in the Cosmos and in Steel Casting (2:14 min.)

The interaction between flows of molten metal and electromagnetic fields can be studied and utilized for technical processes on earth. At the HZDR's LIMMCAST test facility, researchers are analyzing the use of magnetic fields in steel casting.

Watch & download the film (9,5 MB)

100 Years of Superconductivity (1:46 min.)

The Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory (HLD) at the HZDR conducts modern materials science using high magnetic fields. It is now offering record fields of beyond 90 teslas to scientific users.

Watch & download the film (7,5 MB)

Modern Cancer Research (PET) (1:32 min.)

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) provides detailed information from the inside of the body. It is a very sensitive method for tracing and imaging cancer cells.

Watch & download the film (6 MB)

Making Invisible Flows Visible (1:27 min.)

Researchers at the HZDR also deal with visualizing flows in industry. One of their tools, which was developed by the scientists themselves, is the ultra-fast X-ray tomograph ROFEX. There is no other scientific imaging device in the world like ROFEX which can take up to 10,000 images per second.

Watch & download the film (6 MB)

Insights into the Nano-World (1:56 min.)

Scientists working in materials research today often aim at improving materials on the nano-scale. Therefore, they have to look into this nano-world. Positrons, the anti-particles of electrons, can help visualizing nano-defects. They can be generated at the ELBE Center for High-Power Radiation Sources of the HZDR.

Watch & download the film (8 MB)

All 3D movies were produced in cooperation between the HZDR's Communications and Media Relations group and Artificial Illusions Film OHG, with the help of scientists working at the following research facilities:

Video Clips from the HZDR Institutes

HZDR Leipzig: How Antimatter Helps to Image Brain Diseases (7:40 min.)

Scientists from the HZDR research site in Leipzig explain, how antimatter helps to diagnose and understand neuronal diseases like Alzheimer's.

Watch & download the film (96,7 MB)

EMFL Image Film: "Science in High Magnetic Fields" (4:53 min.)

The Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory (Hochfeld-Magnetlabor Dresden, HLD, Germany) focuses on modern materials research in high magnetic fields. The HLD is part of the European Magnetic Field Laboratory (EMFL), a collaboration of three research institutes in Germany, France and the Netherlands. It is the mission of the EMFL to generate the highest possible magnetic fields for use in scientific research and make them available to the scientific community.

Watch the film on the EMFL website

HZDR Clip for the Short Film Festival „Nanospots" (German, 2:01 min.)

Nanosized particles are already in use for several industrial applications. But in the future they could also be very important in medical fields: Scientists of the Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research at HZDR are investigating ways to use those particles for transporting drugs within the human body and using them as probes.

The HZDR scientists Julia Hesse und Katrin Taetz have produced this clip about nano particles in cancer research for the „Nanospots 2012" short film festival, where it got to the top ten of all clips.

Impressions from "Wunderkammer Wissenschaft" (3:54 min.)

The traveling exhibition "Wunderkammer Wissenschaft" of the Helmholtz Association, the largest scientific organization in Germany, led into the fascinating world of the sciences with 500 acoustically accompanied and moving images.

Watch & download the film with all pictures (237,2 MB)