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How do you apply to the HZDR Summer Student Program?

Students from natural or life sciences or engineering are cordially invited to apply to the HZDR Summer Student Program. The students should hold either

  • a bachelor’s degree,
  • a “pre-diploma” (i.e. Vordiplom),
  • a confirmation of passing the third year of studies in the case of Master/Diploma studies without availability of Bachelor or Pre-Diploma certifications,
  • or any equivalent
  • PhD students and people without a valid students I.D. are not eligible for the program

Students of earlier years are accepted only in exceptional cases. Applicants will be selected on the basis of their academic record and a letter of recommendation written by a scientist who knows them and their work and is able to evaluate it. The selection committee at the HZDR consists of the senior scientists and young research group leaders. The selected candidates will be assigned to an individual research group on the basis of their chosen research topic (please find more details below) and their field of studies or specialization.  During their stay, the students will get free accommodation in the HZDR Guest House. The selected students will also get a gross salary of € 36 per day which is equivalent to the position of a student assistant. For further information, please contact us.

These are the application steps:

  • Please select 2 of the main research topics (matter, health, technology or energy) you would like to work on during your stay (identify your 1st and your 2nd choice).
  • Please fill out the application form.
  • In case, you know your potential supervisor already, please put his name into the appropriate field in the registration form and remind him to apply also.
  • Please submit by regular mail a copy of your academic record, the letter of recommendation from your professor, and a one page Curriculum Vitae to the address mentioned in the application form.

Notifications of acceptance or rejections will be sent by email after the selections have been made. Information on the application deadlines can be found here.