Porträt Dr. Bussmann, Michael; FWKT

Dr. Michael Bussmann
Junior Group Leader Computational Radiation Physics
Laser Particle Acceleration
Phone: +49 351 260 2616
Fax: +49 351 260 12616

We model, simulate and visualise the dynamics of particles and radiation phenomena that are of interest when investigating the physics of laser particle acceleration and develop massively parallel computing schemes.


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Members Computational Radiation Physics

Group Picture Computational Radiation Physics December 2011

Group Leader

Michael Bussmann



PHD students

Master students

  • No Master students at the moment

Diploma students

Bachelor students


Student assistants

Former Members

  • Abderraman Amr Rey (Summer Student Preplasma Influence on Ion Acceleration)
  • Timon Bätz (Diploma Student Simulation Laser Propagation)
  • Thomas Buchheim (Student Assistant FEL)
  • Lucas Clemente (Jugend-Forscht Prize Winner Tracker)
  • Martin Dommert (Bachelor Student Dispersion Relations in dense Plasmas)
  • Manuel Eberl (Jugend-Forscht Prize Winner PIC@HOME)
  • Franziska Elze (Student Assistant Data Analysis)
  • Marcel Gädigk (Intern Data Abstraction)
  • Ieva Gražuleviciute (Summer Student Laser Cooling)
  • Stefanie Hanisch (Student Assistant Electrons)
  • Matthias Hille (Bachelor Student Simulation of Strongly-Coupled Plasmas)
  • Marko Kienel (Student Assistant Interferometry)
  • Alexander Köhler (Student Assistant Data Abstraction)
  • Nicco Kunzmann (Jugend-Forscht Prize Winner Data Abstraction)
  • Sebastian Liebschner (Bachelor Student Collision Models)
  • Toni Mattis (Jugend-Forscht Prize Winner Data Abstraction)
  • Marius Melzer (Student Assistant ASE)
  • Yuki Nojiri (Jugend-Forscht Prize Winner Relativistic Field Transformations)
  • Andrey Panyukov (Intern Distributed Computing)
  • Gesine Richter (Student Assistant FEL)
  • Benjamin Schneider (Master Student 3D Visualisation Laser-Plasma)
  • Annett Ungethüm (Master Student Visualisation Thomson Scattering)
  • Wen Weiqiang (PHD Student Laser Cooling)
  • Tino Winkler (Intern Interactive Visualisation HSQ)
  • Nikolai Wyderka (PLASMA@HOME)
  • Omid Zarini (Diploma Student Single-Shot Electron Pulse Duration Measurement)
  • Lukas Zühl (Diploma Student Data Analysis using Gestures)

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