Porträt Dr. Bussmann, Michael; FWKT

Dr. Michael Bussmann
Junior Group Leader Computational Radiation Physics
Laser Particle Acceleration
Phone: +49 351 260 - 2616
Fax: +49 351 260 - 12616

Our group is interested in simulating advanced radiation sources on high performance computing systems. We are part of the research group Laser-Particle Acceleration at the Institute for Radiation Physics


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Members Computational Radiation Physics

Group Picture Computational Radiation Physics December 2011

Group Leader

Michael Bussmann



PHD students

Master students

  • No Master students at the moment

Diploma students

Bachelor students


Student assistants

Former Members

  • Abderraman Amr Rey (Summer Student Preplasma Influence on Ion Acceleration)
  • Timon Bätz (Diploma Student Simulation Laser Propagation)
  • Thomas Buchheim (Student Assistant FEL)
  • Lucas Clemente (Jugend-Forscht Prize Winner Tracker)
  • Martin Dommert (Bachelor Student Dispersion Relations in dense Plasmas)
  • Manuel Eberl (Jugend-Forscht Prize Winner PIC@HOME)
  • Franziska Elze (Student Assistant Data Analysis)
  • Marcel Gädigk (Intern Data Abstraction)
  • Ieva Gražuleviciute (Summer Student Laser Cooling)
  • Stefanie Hanisch (Student Assistant Electrons)
  • Matthias Hille (Bachelor Student Simulation of Strongly-Coupled Plasmas)
  • Marko Kienel (Student Assistant Interferometry)
  • Alexander Köhler (Student Assistant Data Abstraction)
  • Nicco Kunzmann (Jugend-Forscht Prize Winner Data Abstraction)
  • Sebastian Liebschner (Bachelor Student Collision Models)
  • Toni Mattis (Jugend-Forscht Prize Winner Data Abstraction)
  • Marius Melzer (Student Assistant ASE)
  • Yuki Nojiri (Jugend-Forscht Prize Winner Relativistic Field Transformations)
  • Andrey Panyukov (Intern Distributed Computing)
  • Gesine Richter (Student Assistant FEL)
  • Benjamin Schneider (Master Student 3D Visualisation Laser-Plasma)
  • Annett Ungethüm (Master Student Visualisation Thomson Scattering)
  • Wen Weiqiang (PHD Student Laser Cooling)
  • Tino Winkler (Intern Interactive Visualisation HSQ)
  • Nikolai Wyderka (PLASMA@HOME)
  • Omid Zarini (Diploma Student Single-Shot Electron Pulse Duration Measurement)
  • Lukas Zühl (Diploma Student Data Analysis using Gestures)

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