Dr. Dr. h.c. Gun­ter Gerbeth

Direktor Institut für Fluiddynamik
Tel.: +49 351 260 3480
+49 351 260 3484

Dr. Gerd Mutschke

Tel.: +49 351 260 2480

Juliane Kunze

Sekretärin Institut für Fluiddynamik
Tel.: +49 351 260 3480

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The ISUD8 will be held in the Schlosshotel Dresden-Pillnitz. (see also http://www.schlosshotel-pillnitz.de/) This hotel is situated close to the famous castle Pillnitz, which is a restored Baroque castle at the eastern end of the city of Dresden in the German state of Saxony. It is located on the bank of the River Elbe in the former village of Pillnitz. Pillnitz Castle was the summer residence of many electors and kings of Saxony.

We have a reserved contingent of rooms in the hotel. The price for a single room is 84,00 EUR (including breakfast, double rooms upon request). Please arrange your bookings directly with the hotel until August 1st. After this deadline we cannot guarantee the availability of the rooms in the conference hotel. Please, use the keyword “ISUD8” for booking.

The contact data of the hotel are as follows:
e-mail: reservierung@schlosshotel-pillnitz.de
phone: +49 351 26140
fax: +49 351 2614400