Dr. Shengqiang Zhou
Head Semiconductor Materials
Phone: +49 351 260 2484

Magnetic nanocrystals in Mn implanted Si and Ge

Key researcher: S. Zhou (s(dot)zhou(at)

Crystalline MnSi1.7 and Mn5Ge3 nanomagnets are formed inside Si or Ge matrix using Mn ion implantation at elavated temperature. We investigated their structural and magnetic properties. A temperature-dependent memory effect and slow magnetic relaxation are observed below the superparamagnetic blocking temperature of nanomagnets. Our findings corroborate that the observed spin-glass-like features are caused by the size distribution of  nanomagnets, rather than by the inter-particle interaction.



(1) DFG-RFBR joint project for initializing international cooperation: Magnetic and structural properties of Mn-rich SiMn layers

Selected Results:




Left Figure: XRD 2θ-θ scans revealing the formation of Mn5Ge3nanomagnets. Beside the main peaks from Ge(004), the diffraction peaks of Mn5Ge3(111), (002), (310), (222) and (004) are clearly visible. Figure is from Nanoscale Res. Lett. 7, 528 (2012).


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