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HZDR is a registered member of the eduroam community.
DFNRoaming / eduroam is a service provided by the DFN-Verein in cooperation with other NRENs (National Research and Education Networks). This service enables registered users to connect to the internet via wireless LAN at all locations operated by particpating institutions.

All paricipants do offer a wireless cell named "eduroam" (SSID).
Users connect to this cell using their personal eduroam-ID. The authentication process is performed against the home-location.
Clienst must support the 802.1x protocol.

Access from the eduroam cell into the internal network of HZDR is limited to those service available from the internet (no extra services like printing)! Access to the internet is usually not limited (see eduroam compliance statement).

Hint: Simultaneous use of eduroam and the guest-network is not possible. If your device has an active registration as "guest-device", use the guest-network "HZDR" not "eduroam".

Using eduroam by HZDR staff

HZDR staff may use eduroam after activation from your "personal data site. The identity to use for authentication is documented at the same site.

Intented use of eduroam are abroad locations!

We honestly ask you to take the chance to request your personal certificate.

Configuring your device for eduroam

A Tool for automatic configuration of Windows, iOS, Linux and Android is provided here: (use QR-Code or click the code-image)
config tools

This service is operated by the DFN-Verein.

Hint: recently we received reports on continous unsuccessfull authentication requests. If this is the case please check extended wireless properties -> 802.1X settings. Authentication mode should be "User authentication" only, not "User- and Computerauthentication". Usually the DFN-Config tool should generate the proper settings.

Description for other operation systems: