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Recent publications in refereed journals

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Useini, L.; Mojić, M.; Laube, M.; Lönnecke, P.; Mijatović, S. S.; Maksimović-Ivanić, D. et al.

Carborane Analogues of Fenoprofen Exhibit Improved Antitumor Activity

ChemMedChem 18(2023), e202200583

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Pingel, J. L.; Kulenkampff, J.; Jara-Heredia, D.; Zhou, W.; Fischer, C.; Schäfer, T.

In-situ flow visualization with Geo-Positron-Emission-Tomography in a natural fracture from Soultz-sous-Forêts, France

Geothermics 111(2023), 102705

Huang, M.; Skibinska, K.; Zabinski, P.; Eckert, K.; Mutschke, G.

Enhancing magnetic field support for the electrodeposition of nano-structured metal layers by reducing global cell flow

Magnetohydrodynamics 58(2022), 465-474

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Acker, S.; Namyslo, J. C.; Rudolph, M.; Strube, F.; Fittschen, U. E. A.; Qiu, H. et al.

Polyether-tethered imidazole-2-thiones, imidazole-2-selenones and imidazolium salts as collectors for the flotation of lithium aluminate and spodumene

RSC Advances 13(2023)10, 6593-6605

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Nguyen Le, T. A.; Zhao, X.; Bachmann, M.; Ruelens, P.; Visser, J. A. G. M.; Baraban, L.

High-Throughput Gel Microbeads as Incubators for Bacterial Competition Study

Micromachines 14(2023), 645

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Köseer, A. S.; Di Gaetano, S.; Arndt, C.; Bachmann, M.; Dubrovska, A.

Immunotargeting of Cancer Stem Cells.

Cancers 15(2023), 1608

Keshmiri, A.; Heitkam, S.; Bashkatov, A.; Eftekhari, M.; Eckert, K.; Keshavarzi, B.

Surfactant Sorption on a Single Air Bubble in an Ultrasonic Standing Acoustic Wave Field

Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 665(2023), 131210

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Dornheim, T.; Moldabekov, Z.; Ramakrishna, K.; Tolias, P.; Baczewski, A. D.; Kraus, D. et al.

Electronic Density Response of Warm Dense Matter

Physics of Plasmas 30(2023), 032705

Freville, R.; Dewaele, A.; Bruzy, N.; Svitlyk, V.; Garbarino, G.

Comparison between mechanisms and microstructures of α − γ, γ − ϵ and α − ϵ − α phase transitions in iron

Physical Review B 107(2023), 104105

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Windisch, D.; Kelling, J.; Juckeland, G.; Bieberle, A.

Real-time Data Processing for Ultrafast X-Ray Computed Tomography using Modular CUDA based Pipelines

Computer Physics Communications 287(2023), 108719

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