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Tyutyunnykova, A.; Telegeev, G.; Dubrovska, A.

The controversial role of phospholipase C epsilon (PLCε) in cancer development and progression

Journal of Cancer 8(2017)5, 716-729

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Uptake mechanisms of selenium oxyanions during the ferrihydrite-hematite recrystallization

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 206(2017), 236-253

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Experimental investigations on a common centrifugal pump operating under gas entrainment conditions

Nuclear Engineering and Design 316(2017), 1-8

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A new precision measurement of the α-decay half-life of 190Pt

Physics Letters B 768(2017), 317-320

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Multimetallic Hierarchical Aerogels: Shape Engineering of the Building Blocks for Efficient Electrocatalysis

Advanced Materials 29(2017), 1605254

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Analytical balance-based Faraday magnetometer

Journal of Applied Physics 121(2017), 094701

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Entropy Evolution in the Magnetic Phases of Partially Frustrated CePdAl

Physical Review Letters 118(2017), 107204

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Free-surface dynamics in the Ribbon Growth on Substrate (RGS) Process

International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 53(2017)51, 543-551

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Radiolabelled polymeric materials for imaging and treatment of cancer: Quo Vadis?

Advanced Healthcare Materials 6(2017)6, 1601115

L Kunz-Schughart ; A Dubrovska; C Peitzsch ; Ewe, A.; Aigner, A.; Schellenburg, S. u. a.

Nanoparticles for radiooncology: Mission, vision, challenges.

Biomaterials 120(2017), 155-184

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