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Conradson, S.; Durakiewicz, T.; Tayal, A.; Andersson, D.; Bagus, P.; Baldinozzi, G. u. a.

Closure of the Mott gap and formation of a superthermal metal in the Fröhlich-type nonequilibrium polaron Bose-Einstein condensate in UO2+x

Physical Review B (2017)

Haye, E.; Bruyère, S.; André, E.; Boulet, P.; Barrat, S.; Capon, F. u. a.

LaFeOxNy perovskite thin films: Nitrogen location and its effect on morphological, optical and structural properties

Journal of Alloys and Compounds 724(2017), 74-83

Atanasova, P.; Marks, M. A. W.; Kraise, J.; Gutzmer, J.; Markl, G.; Heinig, T.

Distinguishing magmatic and metamorphic processes in peralkaline rocks of the Norra Kärr complex (Southern Sweden) using textural and compositional variations of clinopyroxene and eudialyte-group minerals.

Journal of Petrology 58(2017), 361-384

Höhne, T.; Krepper, E.; Lucas, D.; Montoya, G.

CFD-Simulation of boiling in a heated pipe including flow pattern transitions using the GENTOP concept

Nuclear Engineering and Design 322(2017), 165-176

Röder, F.; Vogel, K.; Wolf, D.; Hellwig, O.; Wee, S. H.; Wicht, S. u. a.

Model-based magnetization retrieval from holographic phase images

Ultramicroscopy 176(2017), 177-187

Ghorbani Zavareh, M.; Skourski, Y.; Skokov, K. P.; Karpenkov, D. Y.; Zvyagina, L.; Waske, A. u. a.

Direct Measurement of the Magnetocaloric Effect in La(Fe,Si,Co)13 Compounds in Pulsed Magnetic Fields

Physical Review Applied 8(2017)1, 014037

Piętka, B.; Bobrovska, N.; Stephan, D.; Teich, M.; Król, M.; Winnerl, S. u. a.

Doubly dressed bosons: Exciton polaritons in a strong terahertz field

Physical Review Letters 119(2017), 077403

Schramm, U.; Bussmann, M.; Irman, A.; Siebold, M.; Zeil, K.; Albach, D. u. a.

First results with the novel Petawatt laser acceleration facility in Dresden

Journal of Physics: Conference Series 874(2017)1, 012028

Wilke, C.; Barkleit, A.; Stumpf, T.; Ikeda-Ohno, A.

Speciation of the trivalent f-elements Eu(III) and Cm(III) in digestive media

Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 175(2017), 248-258

Arora, M.; Hübner, R.; Suess, D.; Heinrich, B.; Girt, E.

Origin of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Co/Ni multilayers

Physical Review B 96(2017), 024401

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