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Karimzadeh, L.; Barthen, R.; Stockmann, M.; Gruendig, M.; Franke, K.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.

Effect of glutamic acid on copper sorption onto kaolinite - batch experiments and surface complexation modeling

Chemosphere 178(2017), 277-281

Liu, Y.; Yuan, Y.; Liu, F.; Böttger, R.; Anwand, W.; Wang, Y. u. a.

Interaction between magnetic moments and itinerant carriers in d0 ferromagnetic SiC

Physical Review B 95(2017), 195309

Kvashnina, K. O.; Walker, H. C.; Magnani, N.; Lander, G. H.; Caciuffo, R.

Resonant x-ray spectroscopy of uranium intermetallics at the U M4,5 edges

Physical Review B (2017)

Weber, N.; Beckstein, P.; Herreman, W.; Horstmann, G. M.; Nore, C.; Stefani, F. u. a.

Sloshing instability and electrolyte layer rupture in liquid metal batteries

Physics of Fluids 29(2017)5, 054101

Beyreuther, E.; Brüchner, K.; Krause, M.; Schmidt, M.; Szabo, R.; Pawelke, J.

An optimized small animal tumour model for experimentation with low energy protons

PlosOne (2017)

Beckstein, P.; Galindo, V.; Vukcevic, V.

Efficient solution of 3D electromagnetic eddy-current problems within the finite volume framework of OpenFOAM

Journal of Computational Physics 344(2017), 623-646

Albedyll, L.; Opel, T.; Fritzsche, D.; Merchel, S.; Laepple, T.; Rugel, G.

10Be in the Akademii Nauk ice core – first results for CE 1590-1950 and and implications for future chronology validation

Journal of Glaciology 63(2017)239, 514-522

Moll, H.; Cherkouk, A.; Bok, F.; Bernhard, G.

Plutonium interaction studies with the Mont Terri Opalinus Clay isolate Sporomusa sp. MT-2.99: changes in the plutonium speciation by solvent extractions.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24(2017)15, 13497-13508

Moldovan, R.-P.; Hausmann, K.; Deuther-Conrad, W.; Brust, P.

Development of highly affine and selective fluorinated cannabinoid receptor type 2 ligands

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2017), 566-571

Hillmer, A. T.; Li, S.; Zheng, M.-Q.; Scheunemann, M.; Lin, S.-F.; Nabulsi, N. u. a.

PET Imaging of α7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors: A comparative study of [18F]ASEM and [18F]DBT-10 in non-human primates, and further evaluation of [18F]ASEM in humans

European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 44(2017)6, 1042-1050

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