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Kelley, D. H.; Weier, T.

Fluid Mechanics of Liquid Metal Batteries

Applied Mechanics Reviews (2018)

Dimitrakopulos, G. P.; Vasileiadis, I. G.; Bazioti, C.; Smalc-Koziorowska, J.; Kret, S.; Dimakis, E. u. a.

Compositional and strain analysis of In(Ga)N/GaN short period superlattices

Journal of Applied Physics 123(2018), 024304

Schirrmeister, L.; Schwamborn, G.; Overduin, P. P.; Strauss, J.; Fuchs, M. C.; Grigoriev, M. u. a.

Yedoma Ice Complex of the Buor Khaya Peninsula (southern Laptev Sea)

Biogeosciences 14(2017), 1261-1283

Zhu, J. J.; Li, L.; Chen, L.; Prucnal, S.; Grenzer, J.; Zhao, J. H. u. a.

Annealing effect on ferromagnetic properties, hole concentration and electronic band structure of GaMnAs epitaxial layers

Journal of Materials Science 28(2017), 17622-17626

Reschke, S.; Mayr, F.; Wang, Z.; Lunkenheimer, P.; Li, W.; Szaller, D. u. a.

Optical conductivity in multiferroic GaV4S8 and GeV4S8: Phonons and electronic transitions

Physical Review B 96(2017), 144302

Möller, F.; Lau, Y. M.; Seiler, T.; Hampel, U.; Schubert, M.

A Study on the Influence of the Tube Layout on Sub-channel Hydrodynamics in a Bubble Column with Internals

Chemical Engineering Science (2018)

Zhukavin, R. K.; Kovalevskii, K. A.; Sergeev, S. M.; Choporova, Y. Y.; Gerasimov, V. V.; Tsyplenkov, V. V. u. a.

Low-temperature intracenter relaxation times of shallow donors in germanium

JETP Letters 106(2017), 571-575

Jovic, V.; Moser, S.; Ulstrup, S.; Goodacre, D.; Dimakis, E.; Koch, R. u. a.

How indium nitride senses water

Nano Letters 17(2017), 7339-7344

Zindler, J. D.; Schiffelers, J.; Lambin, P.; Hoffmann, A. L.

Individualized isotoxic dose prescription for stereotactic radiotherapy in large brain metastases: an in-silico study

Strahlentherapie und Onkologie (2018)

Long, B.; Alessio Verni, G.; O’Connell, J.; Shayesteh, M.; Gangnaik, A.; Georgiev, Y. M. u. a.

Doping top-down e-beam fabricated germanium nanowires using molecular monolayers

Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 62(2017), 196-200

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