Recent publications in refereed journals

Pecko, S.; Heintze, C.; Bergner, F.; Anwand, W.; Slugen, V.

Fe2+ ion irradiated JRQ steel investigated by nanoindentation and slow-positron Doppler broadening spectroscopy

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 415(2018), 1-8

Jia, Q.; Ou, X.; Langer, M.; Schreiber, B.; Grenzer, J.; Siles, P. F. and others

Ultra-dense planar metallic nanowire arrays with extremely large anisotropic optical and magnetic properties

Nano Research (2017)

Osten, J.; Lenz, K.; Schultheiss, H.; Lindner, J.; McCord, J.; Fassbender, J.

Interplay between magnetic domain patterning and anisotropic magnetoresistance probed by magnetooptics

Physical Review B 97(2018), 014415

Büttner, P.; Osbahr, I.; Zimmermann, R.; Leißner, T.; Satge, L.; Gutzmer, J.

Recovery potential of flotation tailings assessed by spatial modelling of automated mineralogy data

Minerals Engineering 116(2018), 143-151

Jang, J.; Friedrich, D.; Müller, S.; Lamers, M.; Hempel, H.; Lardhi, S. and others

Enhancing Charge Carrier Lifetime in Metal Oxide Photoelectrodes through Mild Hydrogen Treatment

Advanced Energy Materials 7(2017)22, 1701536

Mayer, M.; Steiner, A. M.; Röder, F.; Formanek, P.; König, T. A. F.; Fery, A.

Aqueous Gold Overgrowth of Silver Nanoparticles: Merging the Plasmonic Properties of Silver with the Functionality of Gold

Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 56(2017)50, 15866-15870

Mikhaylov, A. A.; Priamushko, T. S.; Babikhina, M. N.; Kudiiarov, V. N.; Heller, R.; Laptev, R. S. and others

Hydrogen calibration of GD-spectrometer using Zr-1Nb alloy

Applied Surface Science 432(2018), 85-89

Nedeltchev, S.; Schubert, M.

Determination of the entropy radial minimum and the various transition velocities in an air-water bubble column

Chemical Engineering Science 170(2017), 234-240

Hernández, D.; Böck, T.; Karcher, C.; Wondrak, T.

Numerical and experimental study of the effect of the induced electric potential in Lorentz force velocimetry

Measurement Science and Technology 29(2018)1, 015301

Braun, R.; Matys, S.; Schoenberger, N.; Lederer, F.; Pollmann, K.

Simplified Expression and Production of Small Metal Binding Peptides

Solid State Phenomena 262(2017), 447-451

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