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Walther, J.; Schnabel, C.; Tetschke, F.; Rosenauer, T.; Golde, J.; Ebert, N. and others

In vivo imaging in the oral cavity by endoscopic optical coherence tomography

Journal of Biomedical Optics 23(2018)7, 071207-1-071207-13

Lambrecht, M.; Eekers, D.; Alapetite, C.; Burnet, N.; Calugaru, V.; Coremans, I. and others

Radiation dose constraints for organs at risk in neuro-oncology; the European Particle Therapy Network consensus

Radiotherapy and Oncology 128(2018), 26-36

Jonga, E.; Elmpt, W.; Rizzo, S.; Colarieti, A.; Spitaleri, G.; Leijenaar, R. and others

Applicability of a prognostic CT-based radiomic signature model trained on stage I-III non-small cell lung cancer in stage IV non-small cell lung cancer

Lung Cancer 124(2018), 6-11

Rassamegevanon, T.; Löck, S.; Baumann, M.; Krause, M.; Neubeck, C.

Heterogeneity of γH2AX foci increases in ex vivo biopsies relative to in vivo tumors

International Journal of Molecular Sciences 19(2018)9

Niyazi, M.; Adeberg, S.; Kaul, D.; Boulesteix, A.; Bougatf, N.; Fleischmann, D. and others

Independent validation of a new reirradiation risk score (RRRS) for glioma patients predicting post-recurrence survival: A multicenter DKTK/ROG analysis

Radiotherapy and Oncology 127(2018), 121-127

Nasdala, L.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Artac, A.; Chanmuang, N. C.; Habler, G.; Lenz, C.

Irradiation effects in monazite-(Ce) and zircon: Raman and photoluminescence study of Au-irradiated FIB foils

Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 45(2018), 855-871

Schlitz, R.; Kosub, T.; Thomas, A.; Fabretti, S.; Nielsch, K.; Makarov, D. and others

Evolution of the spin hall magnetoresistance in Cr2O3/Pt bilayers close to the Néel temperature

Applied Physics Letters 112(2018)13, 132401

Hafez, H. A.; Kovalev, S.; Deinert, J.-C.; Mics, Z.; Green, B.; Awari, N. and others

Extremely efficient terahertz high harmonic generation in graphene by hot Dirac fermions

Nature 561(2018), 507-511

Krepper, E.; Rzehak, R.; Lucas, D.

Validation of a closure model framework for turbulent bubbly two-phase flow in different flow situations

Nuclear Engineering and Design 340(2018), 388-404

Feder, A.; Zimmermann, R.; Stollhofen, H.; Caracciolo, L.; Garzanti, E.; Andreani, L.

Mapping sedimentary facies and fluvial-aeolian interaction by remote sensing (Sossusvlei, Namib Desert)

Journal of Maps 14(2018)2, 630-643

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