Recent publications in refereed journals

Safranski, C.; Barsukov, I.; Lee, H. K.; Schneider, T.; Jara, A. A.; Smith, A. and others

Spin caloritronic nano-oscillator

Nature Communications 8(2017), 117

Frust, T.; Wagner, M.; Stephan, J.; Juckeland, G.; Bieberle, A.

Rapid Data Processing for Ultrafast X-Ray Computed Tomography Using Scalable and Modular CUDA based Pipelines

Computer Physics Communications 219(2017), 353-360

Arinicheva, Y.; Popa, K.; Scheinost, A. C.; Rossberg, A.; Dieste-Blanco, O.; Raison, P. and others

Structural investigations of (La,Pu)PO4 monazite solid solutions: XRD and XAFS study

Journal of Solid State Chemistry 493(2017), 404-411

Kretschmer, S.; Komsa, H.-P.; Bøggild, P.; Krasheninnikov, A. V.

Structural transformations in two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenide MoS₂ under electron beam: insights from first-principles calculations

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8(2017), 13

Banowski, M.; Patmonoaji, A.; Lucas, D.; Hampel, U.

A novel fuzzy-logic based method for determination of individual bubble velocity and size from dual-plane ultrafast X-ray tomography data of two-phase flow

International Journal of Multiphase Flow 96(2017), 144-160

Pilz, K.; Leger, S.; Zwanenburg, A.; Richter, C.; Krause, M.; Baumann, M. and others

Correlation of CT-based Imaging Features with Radiochemotherapy-induced Dysphagia and Xerostomia in Head and Neck Patients

Radiotherapy and Oncology 123(2017)Suppl 1, S585-S586

Nenoff, L.; Priegnitz, M.; Trezza, A.; Smeets, J.; Janssens, G.; Vander Stappen, F. and others

Sensitivity evaluation of prompt γ-ray based range verification with a slit camera

Radiotherapy and Oncology 123(2017)Suppl 1, S76-S77

Meijers, A.; Richter, C.; Dessy, F.; Widder, J.; Korevaar, E.; Jakobi, A. and others

Thoracic tumor treatment course assessment based on 4D dose accumulation for scanned proton therapy

Radiotherapy and Oncology 123(2017)Suppl 1, S259-S259

Zhang, G.; Samuely, T.; Xu, Z.; Jochum, J. K.; Volodin, A.; Zhou, S. and others

Superconducting Ferromagnetic Nanodiamond

ACS Nano 11(2017), 5358-5366

Bracht, H.; Radek, M.; Posselt, M.; Liedke, B.; Schmidt, B.; Voelskow, M. and others

Ion-Beam-Induced Atomic Mixing in Ge, Si, and SiGe, Studied by Means of Isotope Multilayer Structures

Materials 10(2017), 813

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