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Krauter, N.; Eckert, S.; Gundrum, T.; Stefani, F.; Wondrak, T.; Frick, P. and others

Inductive System for Reliable Magnesium Level Detection in a Titanium Reduction Reactor

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B 49(2018)4, 2089-2096

Babel, B.; Penz, M.; Schach, E.; Böhme, S.; Rudolph, M.

Reprocessing of a southern Chilean Zn tailing by flotation - a case study

Minerals (2018)

Franzaring⁠⁠, J.; Ancora⁠, S.; Paoli⁠, L.; Fongoh⁠, A. H.; Büttner⁠, P.; Fangmeier⁠, A. and others

Phytotoxicity of polymetallic mine wastes from southern Tuscany and Saxony

Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 162(2018), 505-513

Kluge, T.; Bussmann, M.; Cowan, T. E.; Schramm, U.

Simple scaling equations for electron spectra, currents and bulk heating in ultra-intense short-pulse laser-solid interaction

Physics of Plasmas 25(2018), 073106

Döppner, T.; Swift, D. C.; Kritcher, A. L.; Bachmann, B.; Collins, G. W.; Chapman, D. A. and others

Absolute Equation-of-State Measurement for Polystyrene from 25 - 60 Mbar Using a Spherically Converging Shock Wave

Physical Review Letters 121(2018), 025001

Escobar-Galindo, R.; Guillén, E.; Heras, I.; Rincón-Llorente, G.; Alcón-Camas, M.; Lungwitz, F. and others

Design of high-temperature solar-selective coatings based on aluminium titanium oxynitrides AlyTi1-y(OxN1-x). Part 2: Experimental validation and durability tests at high temperature

Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 185(2018), 183-191

Schumann, E.; Hübner, R.; Grenzer, J.; Gemming, S.; Krause, M.

Percolated Si:SiO2 Nanocomposites: Oven- vs. Millisecond Laser-induced Crystallization of SiOx Thin Films

Nanomaterials 8(2018), 525

Pollmann, K.; Kutschke, S.; Matys, S.; Raff, J.; Hlawacek, G.; Lederer, F. L.

Bio-recycling of metals: Recycling of technical products using biological applications

Biotechnology Advances 36(2018)4, 1048-1062

Sulaymonova, V. A.; Fuchs, M. C.; Gloaguen, R.; Möckel, R.; Merchel, S.; Rudolph, M. and others

Feldspar flotation as a quartz-purification method in cosmogenic nuclide dating: A case study of fluvial sediments from the Pamir

MethodsX 5(2018), 717-726

Seidel, T.; Beyer, M.; Lucas, D.; Hampel, U.

Experimental Studies on high-pressure high-temperature Contact-Condensation at falling jets in the TOPFLOW Pressure-Tank

Nuclear Engineering and Design (2018)336, 54-63

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