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Haye, E.; Pierron, V.; Barrat, S.; Capon, F.; Munnik, F.; Bruyère, S.

Nitrogen redistribution in annealed LaFeOxNy thin films investigated by FTIR spectroscopy and EELS mapping

Applied Surface Science 427(2017), 1041-1045

Götze, K.; Krupko, Y.; Bruin, J. A. N.; Klotz, J.; Hinlopen, R. D. H.; Ota, S. and others

Quasi-two-dimensional Fermi surfaces with localized f electrons in the layered heavy-fermion compound CePt2In7

Physical Review B 96(2017), 075138

Kühlmorgen, S.; Schönemann, R.; Green, E. L.; Müller, J.; Wosnitza, J.

Investigation of the superconducting gap structure in κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu(NCS)2 and κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Br by means of thermal-conductivity measurements

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29(2017), 405604

Steinberg, J.; Gott, M.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Steinbach, J.; Mamat, C.

Novel Functionalized Calixarenes as Host Molecules for Complexation with Alkaline Earth Metals

Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals 60(2017)S1, S488

Wunderlich, G.; Reissig, F.; Mamat, C.; Pietzsch, H.-J.; Kotzerke, J.; Steinbach, J.

Detection of Auger Electron Induced Strand Breaks on Plasmid DNA Caused by Technetium-99m Labeled Pyrene Derivatives

Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals 60(2017)S1, S365

Förster, A.; Günther, F.; Gemming, S.; Seifert, G.

Influence of Electric Fields on the Electron Transport in Donor–Acceptor Polymers

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121(2017)7, 3714-3723

Pfau, B.; Günther, C. M.; Hauet, T.; Eisebitt, S.; Hellwig, O.

Thermally induced magnetic switching in bit-patterned media

Journal of Applied Physics 122(2017), 043907

Wijsman, R.; Dankers, F. J. W. M.; Troost, E. G. C.; Hoffmann, A. L.; Heijden, E. H. F. M.; Geus-Oei, L.-F. and others

Inclusion of Incidental Radiation Dose to the Cardiac Atria and Ventricles Does Not Improve the Prediction of Radiation Pneumonitis in Advanced-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Treated With Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 99(2017)2, 434-441

Banerjee, C.; Gruszecki, P.; Klos, J. W.; Hellwig, O.; Krawczyk, M.; Barman, A.

Magnonic band structure in a Co/Pd stripe domain system investigated by Brillouin light scattering and micromagnetic simulations

Physical Review B 96(2017), 024421

Stockmann, M.; Schikora, J.; Becker, D.-A.; Flügge, J.; Noseck, U.; Brendler, V.

Smart Kd-values, their uncertainties and sensitivities - Applying a new approach for realistic distribution coefficients in geochemical modeling of complex systems

Chemosphere 187(2017), 277-285

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