Magnetic Resonance in Nanostructures


Dr. Jürgen Lindner, Dr. Kilian Lenz, Dr. Helmut Schultheiss

Course Type:

Block Course, 2 days (ca. 9 h)

Start Date:

16-17 June 2014


Monday, 16.06.2014; 09:15 - 12:45
Tuesday, 17.06.2014; 09:15 - 16:45


HZDR, Building 712, Room 138 (how to find us)


This course gives an overview on magnetic resonance being a phenomenon that is inherently connected with magnetization dynamics in nanostructured magnetic elements. The theoretical background will be reviewed and explained using simple descriptions. We discuss experimental approaches to detect magnetic resonance and show how this method can be adopted to investigate single magnetic nanostructures. The modern approaches comprise the method of microresonators and alternative detection schemes such as optical and electrical detection. A demonstration of detection of magnetic resonance in the lab will be given.



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Part I - Theory of Spindynamics

Part II - Ferromagnetic Resonance Techniques

Part III - Magnetic Anisotropy & Damping Mechanisms

Part IV - Magneto-Optical Methods for Investigating Spin Dynamics


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