Trans-national Access Programme

User groups from outside Germany applying for access to a beamline involved in an Integrating Activity funded by the European Commission may request financial support for their travel expenses. The request for funding from a trans-national access programme has to be indicated in the proposal form.

Eligibility criteria:

User groups with the majority of group members working in an EU member state other than Germany or in an Associated Country are eligible for funding. A novelty in Horizon 2020, the present European Framework Programme for Reserach and Innovation, is the possibility for user groups from any Third countries to profit as well to a certain extend from this trans-national access programme. Please contact the user office for specific questions in this context.

Presently the following beamline could offer travel support:


Project : 

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Project: CALIPSOplus

It's our pleasure to announce that we have been invited to grant preparation for the project CALIPSOplus!
Provided that the grant agreement between the EU Commission and the consortion will be signed as expected, the project will start on May1st, 2017 and funding for transnational access to accelerator-based light sources in Europe will be available for 4 years.