Dr. Alina Maria Deac
Phone: +49 351 260 - 3709

High anisotropy materials

Advanced characterisation of high anisotropy materials

In recent times, there has been a resurge in investigation into Heusler alloys in order to exploit their high spin polarisation, low Gilbert damping and tuneable magnetic properties for next generation spintronic devices.

Such materials should be characterised in terms of both their static and dynamic properties. To investigate such high anisotropy materials, with coercivities on the order of Teslas and anisotropy fields of order several tens of Tesla, large magnetic fields are required. For applications, one would generally desire a low magnetisation and high anisotropy. As a result, indirect magnetometry techniques, such as extraordinary Hall effect and magneto optical Kerr effect can be more advantageous than standard magnetometry techniques (such as SQUID/VSM).

Such techniques will be employed, in collaboration with other groups, in order to determine the suitability of such materials to future spintronic applications.


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