Layout of the Ion Beam Center

The Ion Beam Center (IBC) provides electrostatic accelerators, ion implanters, plasma-based ion equipment and other ion facilities with dedicated enstations for the modification and analysis of materials with energetic ions. The endstations available for user experiments are specified by numbers in the figure which are explained in the table below. Please contact the responsibles for further information. 

    IBC overview 2014

Overview Experimental Stations

Beamline Acronym Machine No. Responsible
Ion Implantation / Irradiation
High-Energy Ion Implantation 6 MV HEII-6MV 6 MV Tandetron 3 S. Akhmadaliev
Ion Beam Services (Wafer, 6 MV) IBS-6MV 6 MV Tandetron B1 S. Akhmadaliev
High-Energy Ion Implantation 3 MV HEII-3MV 3 MV Tandetron 12 S. Akhmadaliev
Ion Beam Services (Wafer, 3 MV) IBS-3MV 3 MV Tandetron 14 S. Akhmadaliev
Ion Implantation 500 kV II-500kV 500 kV Implanter 24-27 R. Böttger
Ion Implantation 200 kV II-200kV 200 kV Implanter 22, 23 R. Böttger
Ion Implantation 40 kV II-40kV 40 kV Implanter 21 R. Böttger
Double-Beam Experiments  DIC 3 MV Tandetron 24 S. Akhmadaliev
Plasma-Based Ion Implantation PBII PBII PB R. Böttger
Ion Beam Analysis
Nuclear Reaction Analysis NRA 6MV Tandetron 1 R. Heller
Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis ERDA 6MV Tandetron 2 F. Munnik
PIXE Camera HS-Pixe 6MV Tandetron 4 A. Renno
External Proton Beam ExtBeam 6MV Tandetron 5 C. Neelmeijer
In-situ Ion Beam Analysis In-situExp 6MV Tandetron 9 R. Heller
Accelerator Mass Spectrometry AMS 6MV Tandetron B2 S. Merchel
Heavy-Ion RBS HI-RBS 3MV Tandetron 11 F. Munnik
Analytical Ion Microprobe µP 3MV Tandetron 13 F. Munnik
High-Resolution RBS HR-RBS 3MV Tandetron 15 C. Neelmeijer
Standard RBS and Channeling RBS 2MV vdG A1 R. Heller
Other Ion Beam Techniques  
Mass-Separated FIB LMIS IMSA Orsay-Physics F1 L. Bischoff
Ga FIB GaFIB NVision 40 F2 L. Bischoff
He/Ne Ion Microscope IM ORION NanoFab F3 G. Hlawacek
Highly-Charged Ions HCI HCI HCI S. Facsko
Low-Energy Ion Irradation LEII LEII   S. Facsko

Together with confirmed ion beam experiments, the user may also benefit from the possibility to use additional structure analysis techniques and sample preparation capabilities as follows:

Add-On Services Methods Responsible
Electron Microscopy SEM, TEM R. Hübner
X-ray Diagnostics XRR, XRD, SAXS, XRF J. Grenzer
Materials Preparation Metallography S. Facsko
Clean-Room Processing Semiconductor Preparation A. Erbe