Robert Barthen - Reactive Transport Division


Research Interest - Projects - Publications
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Research Interests

  • Bio-Geo interactions
  • Biological leaching by acidophilic and neutrophilic microorganisms
  • Application of GeoPET to bioleaching systems to:
    • monitor heavy metal mobility
    • visualize microbial colony distributions


Ongoing Projects

  • EcoMetals - Quantifying bioleaching kinetics and efficieny: (3D+t) visualising ore metal mobilisation from Blackshale by means of PET. A joint German-French research project, BMBF-/ANR-funded: Innovative eco-efficient biohydrometallurgy processes for the recovery of strategic and rare metals, 2014-2017

Completed projects

  • Master's thesis - Abiotic and cell-cell-communication related influences on the biofilm formation process by Acidithiobacillus ferrivorans in comparison to Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
  • Bachelor's thesis - Investigations on biological degradation and sorption behaviour of TDCP in river water-sediments



Talks & Posters

  • Barthen, R.; Karimzadeh, L.; Kulenkampff, J.; Gründig, M.; Lehmann, F.; Mansel, A.; Lippmann-Pipke, J.; "Mining with Microbes",. Guest lecture at the lecture series "Radioecology" at the TU Dresden, 01.06.2017, Dresden, Germany 
  • Kulenkampff, J.; Karimzadeh, L.; Schymura, S.; Barthen, R.; Gründig, M.; Lippold, H.; Lippman-Pipke, J.; "Visualizing concentration distributions in macroscopic samples in the course of geochemical processes", Oral presentation, 9th International Conference on Porous Media & Annual Meeting, 08.-11.05.2017, Rotterdam, Niederlande
  • Bauer, A.; März, J.; Barthen, R.; Jäschke, A.; Glasneck, F.; Schmeide, K.; Brendler, V.; Kersting, B.; Stumpf, T.; "Structural clarification of a tert-butyl-calix[4]arene-based 8-hydroxyquinoline complex with uranium(VI) in non-aqueous solution", Poster, ANAKON 2017, 03.-06.04.2017, Tübingen, Deutschland
  • R. Barthen, L. Karimzadeh, M. Gründig, H. Lippold, K. Franke, J. Lippmann-Pipke: "Covellite (Bio)-Leaching with Amino Acids" Poster, Annual Conference of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology (VAAM) / Jahrestagung der Vereinigung für Allgemeine und Angewandte Mikrobiologie (VAAM), 13.-16.03.2016, Jena, Deutschland
  • R. Barthen, K. Mickein, S. Kutschke, K. Pollmann, J. Kulenkampff, M. Gründig, J. Lippmann-Pipke: "Development of a labeling system for microorganisms based on antimicrobial peptides", Oral presentation: Microbiology and Infection - 4. Gemeinsamer Kongress von DGHM und VAAM, 5.-8.10.2014, Dresden, Germany