HZDR account (email/calendar) and Android smart phones / tablets

To access HZDR email and calendar accounts, please note:


To connect and synchronize a smart phone with a HZDR email account (in phone account settings) please chose Microsoft Exchange as the connection protocol. The setup is quite easy. The HZDR email server provides the MAPI protocol which is compatible to the Exchange protocol for basic functions.


To synchronize your personal HZDR calendar, please use same setup described above.

If you have created another calendar in your HZDR account, it won't be synchronized using the Exchange settings. There is no general solution for this problem. One possibility (Google-independent) is to download and install the free app ICalSync2 (available in PlayStore), which enables you to read different calendars. After installing, new internet calendars can be added using ICal protocol. After entering the corresponding URL you will have (read-only) access to your calendars, as well as to the central HZDR calendars. The synchronization interval, color and reminder settings can be set up individually. Since end of 2013 this app won't be updated anymore because there are some incompatibilities with different calendar apps and phone types. The app was successfully tested with "S Planner" (Samsung calendar app) on Galaxy S4 and S6 as well as on Android ver. 4, 5 and 6. Other apps and versions will be added if wanted and responded. Please respond unsuccessfull tests as well.

Please note, URL based calendars are read-only always.

Attention: If you save appointments using an ICalSync2 connected calendar, it will be shown correctly on your smartphone. These data are only stored locally, so the entries are not shown on other devices!

The standard URL to your personal calendar is:


Kalender must be exchanged by the name you have entered for a self-created calendar; username must be exchanged by your username. If you want to connect to a calendar of a colleague, his/her username must be entered instead.

Another possibility is to download the app CalDav sync Adapter. This app works fine with Android 7 and was successfully tested on the Samsung smartphones Galaxy S6 and S7.

The standard URL to your personal calendar is:


Using the CalDav protocol the synchronization works in both directions.