Dr. Sebastian Eichelbaum - Reactive Transport Division


Research Interest - Selected Publications - Work Experience


Research Interests

  • Visualization of spatial and spatiotemporal data
  • Image-processing and feature-detection
  • Applied computer graphics in visualization

Selected Publications

An excerpt of my published work. For a complete list, refer to sebastian-eichelbaum.de.

Work Experience

An excerpt of my previous and current work experiences. For a more complete list, refer to sebastian-eichelbaum.de.

  • since 01/2015:
    Researcher at the HZDR Reactive Transport Division
  • since 07/2014:
    Self-employed - Nemtics Visualization - Software, Consulting, Training - nemtics.com

    Visualization centered software, technology, and services. Another major focus is on consulting and teaching in the area of visualization, data analysis and development. Refer to my website for further details.

  • 11/2012 - 10/2014:
    Founder and executive director of Nemtics GbR

    Development of advanced and customized image-processing and visualization systems for the clinical routine, medical research and scientific application. This includes intensive consulting and use-case optimized customer solutions.

  • 08/2009 - 12/2014:
    Researcher and PhD Student at the Image and Signal Processing Group, Leipzig University and the Scientific Visualization Group, Leipzig University
    • Research in the area of medical visualization, with special focus on improved image-space methods for advanced visualization of neuroscientific data.
    • Managing and planning the development of the group's medical visualization system OpenWalnut.
    • Reviewing scientific paper for international conferences and journals.
    • Teaching in student courses and supervising student work.