Visitenkarte Kai Bachmann

Research: Applied Mineralogy for Resource Efficiency of Platinum metals (AMREP)

The AMREP project will apply modern mineralogical and metallurgical know-how and instrumentation, combined with geostatistical modeling, to increase the efficiency of metals recovery in our case study: Thaba Chromium Mine owned by Cronimet Chrome Mining SA (Pty) Ltd. The Thaba Mine currently produces chromite concentrates from the western limb of the Bushveld Igneous Complex but there is good potential for recovery of byproduct platinum metals. The ultimate goal of AMREP is to provide the mineralogical and geometallurgical data and interpretive model for recovery of platinum metals in the chromite ores from Thaba mine.

Development of a geometallurgical model will integrate three steps: (1) stochastic geometric models of ore types based on detailed, quantitative data on microstructures, textures and chemical composition; (2) geostatistical modelling integrating the spatially-resolved macroscopic data on ore bodies and grade distribution; (3) process modelling based on beneficiation testwork for the full range of relevant ore feed materials for the Thaba mine. The final model can be tuned and optimised with further experimental study. Once set up and tuned, the model can simulate the effects of various material streams and processing routes and parameters for each domain of the deposit to be mined. The model will be used to compute an optimal fixed processing scheme within the tested framework, and this will serve as the benchmark for evaluating costs and benefits of adaptive processing.


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