Beamline Scientists at the ELBE Accelerator

For the planning of an experiment at one of the ELBE beamlines please contact  the according beamline scientist.

So you can check the feasibility of your experiment in your proposed way and discuss necessary changes.

Moreover, you will find here contacts for more detailed questions.

FEL Beamline

J.M.KlopfDr. Klopf, John Michael

Tel.: +49 351 260 2463


Nuclear Physics &

Neutron Physics Beamline

J.M.KlopfDr. Beyer, Roland

Tel.: +49 351 260 3281


Positron Beamline

J.M.KlopfDr. Liedke, Maciej Oskar

Tel.: +49 351 260 2117


Diffraction Radiator & Undulator

THz Beamline

Dr. Kovalev, Sergey

Tel.: +49 351 260 2454Sergey Kovalev