User Services

Software and Services provides central and local software based services.

Major tasks include:
  • operation of central IT services
    • e-mail, web-server, database management systems
    • virus and spam protection, web-filter
  • user management, development and operation of the central service provisioning system
  • data and project management
    • backup and archive
    • software infrastructure for "data life-cycle management"
    • project management and (project-) data repositories
  • software provisioning
    • consulting service for users
    • customization and provisioning of software products
    • license management
    • user driven software development
  • IT security
  • user support communication services
  • user program development support
  • training
  • trainging of "IT specialistes" (Fachinformatiker)



Olaf Ruddig­keit

Head Software and Services
Phone: +49 351 260 3347