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Multiphase Flows - Simulation, Experiment and Application

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After the cancellation of the workshop due to COVID-19 last year, we will do it this year. A preliminary decision on the format will be made in June, but as of today, a hybrid event is most likely.

Short Course

Our Short Course, two days - from Monday noon until Wednesday noon, is designed to provide knowledge of the use of numerical and experimental methods for multiphase flows.

The first one and a half days of the Short Course will focus on general topics; in the morning of the third day one group will specialise on experimental techniques including laboratory practices, while the other group will learn about specific multiphase capabilities of CFX/FLUENT, STAR-CCM+ and OpenFOAM including a demonstration case setup (parallel sessions) for each code.

The numerical part will focus on finite-volume methods for Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrange multiphase flow predictions, and on associated mathematical models. The experimental part will provide knowledge of the selection, installation and usage of modern gas-liquid measurement techniques and instruments, such as wire-mesh sensors, needle probes, process microscopy and gamma-ray computed tomography along with the application of data analysis tools.

The Short Course will address the interests of engineers, chemists, physicists and technicians active in research and design, who want to be informed about modern design methods and tools for multiphase flows.

Lecture Topics

  • Mathematical Models for Multiphase Flows: Overview & Basic Equations
  • Lagrangian Two-Phase Flow Modelling
  • Eulerian Multiphase Flow Modelling: Phase Interaction Models
  • Modelling of free-surface flows with focus on the VOF Method
  • Dispersed Flow Modelling - Multiple-Size Group Modelling – MUSIG
  • Interfacial Heat and Mass Transfer Models
  • Stratified & Segregated Flow Modellig - Interfacial Area Density Model – AIAD
  • Multi-Scale Modelling Techniques – GENTOP
  • Flexible development framework for the Euler-Euler approach
  • Measurement Techniques and Experimental Investigations of Multiphase Flows


Short Course Agenda

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Workshop contact

E-mail: multiphase*

18th Multiphase Flow Conference & Short Course


Dr. Dirk Lucas

Head Computational Fluid Dynamics
Phone: +49 351 260 2047

Heike Schleßiger
Phone: +49 351 260 2283