Seminars and Colloquia 2016

  • 06.09.2016, Dr. Prabal Singh Verma (TU Berlin):
    "Physics of nonlinear oscillations/waves in plasma and numerics of nonlinear MRI simulations"
  • 19.09.2016, Dr. Bin Qin (HUST)
    "R&D of Particle Accelerators and Proton Therapy Project in HUST"
  • 20.09.2016, Dr. Dave Chapman (AWE Reading)
    "Observation of Finite-Wavelength Screening in Shock-Compressed Plastic Using X-Ray Thomson Scattering"
  • 27.09.2016, Anja Schuster (TU Darmstadt):
    "ESA's BepiColombo Mission and the Determination of the post-Newtonian Parameters"
  • 18.10.2016, Dr. Marius Koch (Princeton University)
    "Voltage-gated Ion Channels – From fundamental Physics to Life Science using Chemistry"
  • 02.11.2016, Philipp Födisch (HZDR)
    "Digital high-pass filter deconvolution by means of an infinite impulse response filter"
  • 21.11.2015, Prof. Andre Peshier (University of Cape Town)
    "Tracing the QCD pressure"
  • 16.12.2016, Prof. Ryosuke Kodama (Osaka University)
    "High Energy Density Science with High power Lasers at Osaka University"