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Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics
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Fundamental fluid dynamics analysis

The complex flow and mixing behavior in bubble columns is often described via gas holdup, bubble size and liquid circulation velocity. The bubble size distribution and its spatiotemporal evolution is a key factor for the estimation of heat and mass transfer coefficients. Other crucial hydrodynamic parameters of bubble columns are local liquid velocity and the degree of turbulence. For example, changes in the bubble size distribution due to breakup and coalescence events are driven by the liquid phase turbulence.

Experimental analyses in bubble columns using advanced noninvasive imaging techniques, namely Ultrafast X-ray Computed Tomography (UXCT @ HZDR) and Radioactive Particle Tracking (RPT @ IIT Delhi), in a time-resolved manner were performed, where each data set provides complimentary information to the other.

Thereby, experimental data for gas and liquid phase dynamics were generated covering gas holdup, bubbles size, liquid velocity and turbulent kinetic energy.

Based on these data, bubble column hydrodynamics could be comprehensively characterized, including clustering by means of Voronoï analysis (utilizing bubble positions within a hybrid Eulerian framework) as well as flow regime transition via extraction of information and reconstruction entropies. Eventually, the obtained experimental data provide unique and valuable validation cases for numerical models of bubble columns.


IIT Delhi, India


European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant, Grant Agreement No. 307360)


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Dr. Markus Schubert
Experimental Thermal Fluid Dynamics
Phone: +49 351 260 2627
Fax: +49 351 260 2383