Diploma- & Master thesis

Investigation of the complexation behaviour of trivalent lanthanides and actinides with glucuronic acid

Pic Sebastian Reese
Possible structure of a europium-glucuronic acid complex in aqueous solution
Master student:

Sebastian Reese


Dr. Moritz Schmidt


Surface processes


TU Dresden

Short Description:

The influence of lanthanides and actinides on natural biomineralization processes is currently little studied. However, immobilisation by possible incorporation into biogenic mineral phases could have a significant influence on their mobility in natural systems.

Glucuronic acid is discussed in the literature as a possible calcium transporter in biomineralization processes. In this thesis the interaction between glucuronic acid and europium and curium ions is investigated by spectroscopic methods (TRLFS, NMR). The findings should make it easier to assess the influence of biomineralisation processes on the retention of lanthanides and actinides.