News from FWIM

21.12.2018 | Our paper on Strain and Band-Gap Engineering in Ge-Sn Alloys via P Doping being published at Phys. Rev. Appl.

26.11.2018 | Our paper on Epitaxial Mn5Ge3 (100) layer on Ge (100) substrates obtained by flash lamp annealing being published at Appl. Phys. Lett.

21.09.2018 | Slawomir Prucnal won the 2nd prize in the 2nd HZDR Innovation Contest for his work 'Silizium-Metallelektroden für Sekundärbatterien mit hohen Energiedichten'! Congratulation!

31.08.2018 | Our paper on Extended Infrared Photoresponse in Te-Hyperdoped Si at Room Temperature being published at Phys. Rev. Appl.

20.08.2018 | Our paper on All-optical quantum thermometry based on spin-level cross-relaxation and multicenter entanglement under ambient conditions in SiC being selected as AIP Featured Paper.

23.07.2018 | Our paper on Defect-Induced Exchange Bias in a Single SrRuO3 Layer being published.

28.06.2018 | Mao Wang got "Best Poster Prize" at IBMM2018! Conggraulation!

08.06.2018 | Our paper on CMOS‐Compatible Controlled Hyperdoping of Silicon Nanowires being published.