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HESEB - Helmholtz-SESAME Beamline in the soft X-ray regime


The research centre SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East, www.sesame.org.jo) near Amman/Jordan was officially founded in 2002 as an international research project under the auspices of UNESCO with multilateral cooperation of countries of the Middle East region (Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, Palestine, Turkey). It was the idea and tireless commitment of Herman Winick (SLAC), Gustav-Adolf Voss (DESY) and Herwig Schopper (CERN) which eventually lead to the foundation and build-up of a research facility in the Middle East – with the vision that close scientific cooperation would make a contribution to peace and stability in this region.

Scope of the project

Since the foundation of SESAME, Germany is participating as an observer in the international SESAME Council and, through the Helmholtz Association, can play an internationally most visible and effective role in this important phase of SESAME by significantly promoting SESAME‘s excellence development in the region.
As a globally visible beacon project for SESAME, the present draft proposal drawn up jointly by the five Helmholtz centres DESY, FZJ, HZB, HZDR and KIT recommends to build at SESAME a new and state-of-the-art Helmholtz-SESAME soft X-ray beamline (HESEB) in the soft X-ray range to be used for a large number of top-class scientific applications and to create new cooperation potentials with German and international research groups.
Corresponding training, education and support measures offered by the participating Helmholtz centres will guarantee the international scientific attractiveness and quality of the beamline as well as secure its long-term scientific use and excellence by creating and supporting own scientific user communities within the region and by building up and connecting long-lasting cooperation among the SESAME member countries and outside.

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HZDR = Leader Work Package 5:
User support, cooperation development, Seed Projects / Teaming

To secure a large and sustainable request for scientific use of the soft X-rays from the Helmholtz SESAME beamline, dedicated workshops and schools (in collaboration with HERCULES)  will be offered in order to build up a strong user community in the SESAME region in the medium and long term. This workpackage would include several months of training or research stays of future SESAME users at adequate synchrotron radiation sources and research centres in Germany. SESAME users will be able to apply for grants for such research stays. The education activities will be coordinated with the EU project OPEN SESAME.