The Computational Science Department working group for the research topic "Data Management and Analysis"

"Data Management & Analysis" is a new research topic in the research program "Matter & Technology" of the Helmholtz research field "Matter". The Computational Science department hosts a small group, which supports the domain scientists in the Institute of Radiation Physics working on the same topic. The group is responsible for maintaining mission critical software components as well as interfacing them with the software solutions of HZDR as well as the research field.

Team members

NameBld./Office+49 351 260Email
Dr. Guido Juckeland312/53660
Dr. Jeffrey Kelling312/93680
Mani Lokamani312/93661

Services of the Group

  • Software co-design for high performant, platform independent components
  • Performance analysis and support with the optimization of existing applications
  • Traingings and workshops on all our work topics, especially also supporting the "Highly parallel programming of GPUs" class at TU Dresden