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The Working Group "Data Management Solutions" (DMS)

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For a state-of-the-art research data management it is recommended to consider the data life cycle first. Our long-term goal is to document the entire life cycle in a Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) way. Especially the steps from the creation of the research data until the publication of data and results should be included in the final publication. We developed a concept for the entire experiment or project flow, which contains all essential components and their seamless interconnection. Descriptions about the individual components provided by our working group can be found in our publication in RODARE  ( Since we are still in the development process only some of the components are available. These are referenced in the section Useful Links below. The remaining components will follow as soon as possible.


We are developing a technical implementation of an integrated digital research data ­manage­ment for researchers at HZDR. This implies as first steps the linkage of existing data sources,
documentation of experiments, ­manage­ment and integration of data analysis of primary data as well as establishing a complete data provenance.


We provide support for existing or planned projects concerning the above presented topics. The electronic documentation is often the first point of contact with this subject. Automated data acquisition and interfaces with analysis programs are also common main topics. We will support the establishment and initialization of an executable version of data aquicition. The goal will always be that the involved scientists will be able to continue and optimize the projects by themselves afterwards. Our group will always be available for further questions.


Get in touch with us for questions or assistance

  • all around the topic "Research Data Management",
  • for porting a project life cycle to our infrastructure,
  • on documentation of experiments (Lab Documentation System)
  • concerning the integration of the lab documentation system with different data sources
  • about establishment of workflows related to the FAIR principles,
  • how to archive of research data, workflows and the scientific publication itself.

The Team

Name Geb./Raum +49 351 260 Email Zuständigkeit
Gruber Dr., Thomas 312/6 3846

Reseach Data Management, Lab Documentation

Knodel Dr., Oliver 312/6 3845 Data Aquisition, Data Bases, Workflows, Cloud Computing
Müller Dr., Stefan 312/6 3847 Dataprocessing and -analysis, Documentation (Sharelatex)

Useful Links

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Datenmanagement Arbeitsablauf

Foto: Oliver Knodel



Dr. Thomas Gruber
Phone: +49 351 260 3846