What is coaching?

Coaching means creating a framework in which the coachee himself can move from his ACTUAL-state to his GOAL-state.
The coaching process is structured, method-driven and limited in time. The coachee decides how long he wants to use the coaching. As a postdoc at the HZDR, you can do a work on a professional issue in max. five sessions (90 minutes each) of comprehensive individual coaching.

What topics do we coach?

  • Preparation of presentations or important discussions
  • Work organization and time management
  • Dealing with conflicts and crisis intervention
  • Career orientation
  • Goal setting and goal achievement
  • Clarification of Values ​​and Decision-Making: Science - Should I stay or should I go?
  • Improving work-life romance 

What is your benefit as a coachee?

Systemic questions and methods initiate self-learning processes in the coachee and strengthen his problem-solving skills. The systemic-constructive approach supports the sustainable development of the coachee. The coachee's self-learning processes are stimulated and his / her own development and self-organization skills are supported.

How does coaching work?

Please contact us via We will arrange an initial meeting with you in which we will discuss how to proceed based on your concerns.

Our consulting principles:

  • openness
  • confidentiality
  • professionalism
  • person-centricity and appreciation
  • systemic-constructivist view
  • helping people help themselves
  • resource and solution orientation
  • networking