Get involved - Our Postdoc Representatives of the HZDR

In October, the HZDR Postdoc Representatives met for the first time to discuss goals and plan possible projects. The goal of the Postdoc Representatives is to represent the interests of all postdocs at the HZDR at all locations in order to open up opportunities for the postdocs to participate in shaping the HZDR.

Foto: HZDR Postdoc Representatives ©Copyright: Dr. Tino Gottschall

HZDR Postdoc Representatives

Source: Dr. Gottschall, Tino

In addition to representing the interests of the HZDR postdocs, the Postdoc Representatives want to improve networking among postdocs across disciplines and institutes, provide a framework for exchanging information about research, and be a point of contact for questions, problems, and suggestions.

The HZDR Postdoc Representatives are self-organized and work independently, so that the topic focus is up to the Postdoc Representatives.

The Postdoc Representatives (left to right): Dr. Svenja Lohmann - FWI  I  Dr. Stefan Dirlich - FWG  I  Dr. Lakshmi Bhaskaran - FWH  I  Dr. Tino Gottschall - FWH  I  Dr. Manja Kubeil - FWP

Would you like to get involved and exchange ideas with the Postdoc Representatives? Feel free to contact the Postdoc Representatives via email at

Good to know - With the joint Postdoc Center HZDR-TUD, an elected postdoc council of postdocs from the HZDR and the TUD exists since May 2021. The council supports interdisciplinary networking and represents the interests of postdocs from both institutions. In this way, the council actively participates in the decision-making processes of the Graduate Academy of the TUD. Further information can be found here.